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The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E18

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Famous circus tramp clown Weary Willy (Emmett Kelly Sr) presents Carol's washer woman with a flower - The Carol Burnett Show - Emmett Kelly and the Jackson 5
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The Carol Burnett Show season 9 – Family Show – Emmett Kelly and The Jackson 5

Tonight features Carol in a dual role for a Late, Late Movie presentation of “A Swiped Life”– take-off of the 1946 film “A Stolen Life“, which starred Bette Davis as twin sisters in a love triangle.

Also, a funny and sweet segment where Carol Burnett‘s washwoman meets the famous tramp clown Emmett Kelly. She begins by entering a circus ring, after the performance, to clean up. She picks up a can and opens it, only to find its a snake can! Then, she “plays” circus, picking up an umbrella and pretending to walk the high wire — and hears applause from her imaginary audience. She then burst through a paper star — but no audience applause. Until, off to the side, tramp clown Weary Willy (Emmett Kelly) applauds her.

He hands her a wilted flower, and they do a variety of silent clown bits. Notably, Weary Willy “balances” a feather on his nose, while trying to juggle. They sit, and Carol serenades him with “Paper Moon” and “Look for the Silver Lining”.

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