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Song lyrics to Mohair Sam (1965), Written by Dallas Frazier

Mohair Sam

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Song lyrics to Mohair Sam (1965), Written by Dallas Frazier

Who is the hippie that’s happenin’ all over our town 
Tearin’ up chicks with the message that he lays down? 
Who is the coolest guy, that is what I am? 
Fast-talking, slow-walking, good-looking Mohair Sam

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The Tracks of My Tears

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Song lyrics to The Tracks of My Tears, written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore, and Marv Tarplin.

The Tracks of my Tears is a multiple award-winning 1965 hit R&B song originally recorded by their group, The Miracles.

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Doctor Who: Inferno

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Doctor Who: Inferno (1965) starring Jon Pertwee, Caroline John, Nicholas Courtney

In Doctor Who: Inferno, an unsuccessful trial run with the TARDIS console throws the Doctor into a parallel universe. Where his old friends are rather nasty characters. And two worlds may die …

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Crack in the World

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Crack in the World (1965) starring Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore

Crack in the World – Attempting to provide endless energy to the world, a dying scientist fires a missile into the Earth’s center. And he nearly blows the planet apart …

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How to Murder Your Wife

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How to Murder Your Wife (1965) starring Jack Lemmon, Terry-Thomas, Virna Lisi

In How to Murder Your Wife, professional cartoonist and confirmed bachelor finds himself married to an Italian bombshell after a wild party! How to get back to his single, carefree life? Despite the title, it’s a funny and sweet comedy.

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The Human Duplicators

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The Human Duplicators (1965) starring Richard Kiel, Dolores Faith

The Human Duplicators – a low budget, cheesy science fiction movie. It deals with aliens coming to Earth, making android duplicates of government officials to rule the world! Unless love can throw a monkey wrench into the plans, of course.

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