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Lon Chaney Jr.

The Cyclops (1957), starring James Craig, Gloria Talbott, Lon Chaney

The Cyclops

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In The Cyclops, Susan organizes an expedition into the wilds of Mexico to find her fiancé after a plane crash. Instead they find uranium, giant lizards, and …

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The Haunted Palace

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Charles Dexter Ward inherits The Haunted Palace from his ancestor in a small village. His ancestor was a warlock who died 100 years ago when the villagers burned him at the stake. But the warlock put a curse on them …

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Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men (1939) starring Burgess Meredith, Lon Chaney Jr., Betty Field

Of Mice and Men is an incredible portrayal of the famous novel by by John Steinbeck. Accurate, riveting, heartbreaking, highly recommended.

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The Indestructible Man

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The Indestructible Man (1956) starring Lon Chaney Jr., Casey Adams, Marian Carr

What would happen if a prisoner on death row, with a chip on his shoulder, was accidentally revived? And accidentally made indestructible as well? It’s The Indestructible Man, and the answer is a roaring rampage of revenge!

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Bride of the Gorilla

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Bride of the Gorilla (1951) starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney, Jr., Tom Conway

Deep in the South American jungle plantation manager Barney Chavez kills his elderly employer in order to get to his beautiful wife. However, an old native witch witnesses the crime and puts a curse on Barney, who soon after finds himself turning nightly into a rampaging gorilla. But is his transformation real or is it all in his head? Find out in Bride of the Gorilla.

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Man Made Monster

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Man Made Monster (1941), starring Lionel Atwill, Lon Chaney Jr.

In Man Made Monster, a mad scientist transforms a carnival performer into a murderous monster.

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