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It Really Was No Miracle

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Song lyrics to It Really Was No Miracle (1939), lyrics by Harburg Arlen, music by Harold Arlen, performed by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale:

It really was no miracle
What happened was just this
The wind began to switch, the house to pitch
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch
Just then the Witch, to satisfy an itch
Went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch
And oh, what happened then was rich

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A Star is Born

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A Star is Born (1954) starring Judy Garland, James Mason

As a band singer guided to heights of show-business success by an alcoholic ex-matinee idol, Judy Garland performs one superb song after another (most by Harold Arlen and Ira Gershwin) in a production – also starring James Mason and directed by George Cukor – that exhilarates with its craft and style even as it moves toward a heartbreaking finale. Shortened after its 1954 premiere and reconstructed to near its original length in 1983, A Star Is Born endures as one of Hollywood’s supreme triumphs.

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Summer Stock

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Summer Stock (1950), starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Phil Silvers

Summer Stock is an enjoyable musical with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. It’s the story of two mismatched romances, a family farm facing foreclosure, and an acting troupe that shows up unannounced …

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Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey [song lyrics]

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Song lyrics to Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (I Never Knew Any Girl Like You), Music by Albert von Tilzer, Lyrics by Junie McCree, Sung by Judy Garland in In the Good Old Summertime

Night time am a-fallin’, everything is still
And the moon am a shinin’ from above
Cupid am a callin’ every Jack and Jill
It’s just about the time for making love
Someone is a-waiting all along for me
No more hesitating, I must go and see
“How dee do, Dear, it’s with you dear
That I love to be”

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Babes in Arms

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Babes in Arms (1939) starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, directed by Busby Berkeley

In Babes in Arms, Mickey Moran, son of an old vaudeville-team puts on his own show to avoid being sent with other vaudevillians’ children to a work farm, but that isn’t that easy.

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