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Castle of the Living Dead (1964) starring Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland

Castle of the Living Dead

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Castle of the Living Dead (1964) starring Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland

A troupe of entertainers finds themselves in peril as guests in the mysterious old Castle of the Living Dead. Their host, Count Drago (Christopher Lee) has an interest in taxidermy …. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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The Haunted Palace

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Charles Dexter Ward inherits The Haunted Palace from his ancestor in a small village. His ancestor was a warlock who died 100 years ago when the villagers burned him at the stake. But the warlock put a curse on them …

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Invisible Ghost

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Invisible Ghost (1941) starring Bela Lugosi

Invisible Ghost – a very unusual, very enjoyable murder mystery. Someone is killing people in a small town. And the kindly town doctor finds himself at the center of the mystery …

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Synopsis of Supernatural

 Supernatural stars Hollywood legend Carole Lombard as a woman possessed by a murderer’s dark soul. Roma (Carole Lombard), whose twin brother has recently been murdered, becomes easy prey for a corrupt medium who arranges a séance to conjure up the lost twin’s supposedly troubled soul. Meanwhile, a murderess (Vivienne Osborne) accused of strangling her lovers awaits her fate in the electric chair. Before she dies, she agrees to donate her body to a scientist for his unique life-after-death research. Eerily, the doctor’s first experiment on the now-deceased woman occurs at precisely the same time as the séance. In an evil twist of fate, Roma becomes possessed by the murderess’ wicked spirit. In a race against time, the doctor and Roma’s fiancé (Randolph Scott) struggle to undo the horrible curse in this compelling and inventive ghost story.

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The Monster Club

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It should be said that The Monster Club is a different horror anthology. Vampire Vincent Price invites writer John Carradine to an unusual club, where he tells three stories …

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Black Dragons

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In Black Dragons, a group of businesssmen are sabotaging the war effort, for unknown reasons. Then Bela Lugosi’s character starts killing them, one by one! And FBI agent starts investigating …

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Queen of Blood

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In Queen of Blood, Earth receives its’ first message from an interstellar civilization – but the alien ship crash lands on Mars.  They attempt an urgent rescue mission, with a stop at the moon base.  And there’s only one survivor.  A green-skinned female, with an … unusual appetite.

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