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The Ape Man

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The Ape Man (1943) starrring Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford

In The Ape Man, a mad scientist’s experiments have transformed him into a half-man, half-ape. With the aid of his gorilla sidekick, he’ll murder as many people as he needs to reverse it!

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This Land Is Mine

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This Land is Mine (1943) starring Charles Laughton, George Sanders, Maureen O’Hara, Walter Slezak

This Land is Mine is the story of a Nazi-occupied town in France, where a meek schoolteacher is accused of murdering a resistance fighter. He’s in love with the dead man’s sister, and is later tried for killing a Nazi collaborator.

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Batman 1943 serial

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Batman 1943 movie serial, starring Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft


In many ways, Batman is an interesting, but unremarkable, movie serial from the 1940’s. It’s noteworthy for being the very first Batman movie. Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Dick Grayson are government agents, fighting against Japanese saboteurs.

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They’re Either Too Young or Too Old [song lyrics]

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Song lyrics to They’re Either Too Young or Too Old (1943). Music by Arthur Schwartz, Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Performed by Bette Davis in Thank Your Lucky Stars

They’re either too young, or too old
They’re either too gray or too grassy green
The pickings are poor and the crop is lean
What’s good is in the army
What’s left will never harm me

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