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Over There

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Song lyrics to Over There by George M. Cohan, written when the USA entered World War I, to encourage men to enlist Johnnie, get your… Read More »Over There

If You Knew Susie

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Song lyrics to If You Knew Susie (1925) Music by Joseph Meyer, Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva

If you knew Susie, like I know Susie 
Oh! Oh! Oh! What a girl 
There’s none so classy 
As this fair lassie, 
Oh! Oh! Holy Moses, what a chassis 
We went riding, she didn’t balk 
Back from Yonkers 
I’m the one that had to walk 
If you knew Susie, Like I know Susie 
Oh! Oh! What a girl!

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Saint Louis Blues

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“The Saint Louis Blues” (or “St. Louis Blues”) is a popular American song composed by W. C. Handy in the blues style, published in September 1914. It was one of the first blues songs to succeed as a pop song and remains a fundamental part of jazz musicians’ repertoire

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High Hopes [song lyrics]

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Song lyrics to High Hopes (1959) Written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen, written for A Hole in the Head

Next time you’re found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can’t
Move a rubber tree plant

But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

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