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Love Finds Andy Hardy

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Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Ann Rutherford
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Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), starring Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, Ann Rutherford

Synopsis of Love Finds Andy Hardy

In Love Finds Andy Hardy, Andy finds himself the target of a lot of female attention as he prepares for the country club Christmas party. He’d originally wanted to bring his girlfriend, Polly, but she’ll be out of town for the holidays. And then Judy Garland’s character visits her grandparents next door …

Review of Love Finds Andy Hardy

In short, Love Finds Andy Hardy is an excellent family-centered comedy. Despite it’s age, the themes still resonate today.

  • The young man who thinks that his father is “behind the times” with changing technology.
  • The young man who thinks that his first car is a right of passage.
  • Feuding siblings.
  • How illness in the extended family affects the immediate family
  • Young love … and how emotions can get in the way. And, how sometimes we’re blind to someone else’s feelings.

It’s a very sweet story, that’s well worth watching.

Cast of characters

  • Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney, Requiem for a Heavyweight). The young man at the center of the movie. His girl is out of town, so he talks his best friend Beezy to pay him to date Beezy’s girl while he’s out of town. To keep her “safe” from other young men. Sounds like an Archie comic, doesn’t it?
  • Judge James Hardy (Lewis Stone, The Mask of Fu Manchu). Andy’s father – a judge, a loving (though firm) father, who’s trying to set a good example for his children. But he still has things to learn … like ham radio, for instance.
  • Marian Hardy (Cecilia Parker). Andy’s older sister — who never tires of reminding her “baby” brother about it. She tries to be the “woman of the house” when her mother is called away … with mixed results.
  • Mrs. Hardy (Fay Holden, Andy Hardy’s Double Life). The family matriarch, who thinks her husband will only eat her cooking – but actually wants to hire a cook. And, the judge wants to hire a cook, but thinks she’ll take it as an insult. A good example of this loving couple. Then, a medical emergency has her leave for an extended period right before Christmas
  • Betsy (Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz). The younger girl who moves next door to Andy to visit with her grandparents at Christmas. She quickly develops a crush on Andy, that he’s oblivious to. And she’s inherited her professional singing mother’s talent …
  • Cynthia (Lana Turner, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Beezy’s girlfriend, who has nothing in common with Andy … except enjoying kissing! And yes, it’s that Lana Turner.
  • Polly Benedict (Ann Rutherford, Whistling in the Dark). Andy’s steady girlfriend, who’s going to be out of town during the big country club dance. But at the last minute, she’s available! Meaning that Andy has two dates for the same dance. Shades of Archie Andrews.

Songs performed

  • Meet The Beat Of My Heart (1938), Words and Music by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel
  • It Never Rains But What It Pours (1938), Words and Music by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel
  • In-Between (1938), Words and Music by Roger Edens
  • What Do You Know About Love (1938), Words and Music by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel

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