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Face of the Screaming Werewolf

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Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964) starring Lon Chaney Jr.
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Face of the Screaming Werewolf is an odd composite of two unrelated Mexican horror films, with Lon Chaney Jr. as the reluctant werewolf mummy …

Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964) starring Lon Chaney Jr.

To say that Face of the Screaming Werewolf is disjointed is very, very kind. The good news is that it runs less than an hour long. I don’t enjoy being so negative, but there’s frankly very little good to say about it. It’s stitched together from two different, unrelated Mexican horror movies. And Lon Chaney Jr.’s in it, as an Aztec mummy, resuscitated by mad science. The science lab’s hidden behind a wam museum, for unknown reason. And once he’s resuscitated, it turns out he’s a … werewolf! Who goes on a killing spree.

The cinematography’s very dark to the point of not necessarily being able to tell what’s going on. In short, its simply a bad movie, which MSTK3 would have a field day mocking.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Product description

Experimenting in hypnotic regression to past lives, Dr. Edmund Redding has discovered that Ann Taylor is a reincarnated Aztec woman. Via her recovered memories, she is able to lead Redding and his associates to a hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid of Yucatar, where they hope to find the lost treasure of the Aztecs. Instead, they find two mummified bodies – one of a modern man and the other of an ancient Aztec mummy/ werewolf and only one is still alive. The supernatural creature escapes and menaces the city that night…

Cast of characters

  • Yolanda Varela … Woman in Apartment (archive footage) (as Landa Varle)
  • Lon Chaney Jr. (Of Mice and Men; The Wolf Man (1941)) … The Mummified Werewolf (archive footage)
  • Alfredo Wally Barrón … Henchman (archive footage) (as Donald Barron)
  • Ramón Gay … Dr. Edmund Redding (archive footage) (as Raymond Gaylord)
  • Steve Conte … The Hired Thief
  • Jorge Mondragón … Elderly Scientist (archive footage) (as Jorge Mondragon)
  • Emma Roldán
  • G.J. Mitchell (Frankenstein Island) … Dr. Frederick Munson (archive footage)
  • Chuck Niles … Douglas Banks – Newscaster
  • William White (The Hideous Sun Demon) … Undetermined Role [May Not Appear in this film]
  • Fred Hoffman … Detective Hammond


  • Stitched together from two Mexican horrors-1957’s “La Momia Azteca” and 1960’s “La Casa del Terror“-and all-new footage.
  • The laboratory scene features electronic sound effects lifted from Forbidden Planet.
  • The three beds rotating machine used in his laboratory is a replica (if not the same) of the one seen in From the Earth to the Moon.

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