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The Beast Must Die

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The Beast Must Die (1974) starring Calvin Lockhart, Peter Cushing

In The Beast Must Die, a wealthy hunter invites eight individuals to spend the weekend at his rural estate. He has a hidden motive, however. He believes that one of them is a werewolf. Which intends to track down and kill.

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The Hideous Sun Demon

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The Hideous Sun Demon (1958) starring Robert Clarke

The Hideous Sun Demon. Can radiation devolve someone into a lizard man in sunlight? Will he then go on a murder spree? Do you really need to ask?

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Monster on the Campus

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Monster on the Campus (1958) starring Arthur Franz

Synopsis of Monster on the Campus

An amazing scientific discovery turns deadly in Monster on the Campus, a classic sci-fi horror film set in the backdrop of a 1950’s college campus. Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) has made an amazing discovery – a fossilized coelacanth, a rare, primitive fish. When the researching professor comes in contact with the fish’s irradiated blood, he transforms into a vicious, prehistoric creature, thirsty for blood. Suddenly, things get really scary when he starts raising havoc on the unsuspecting community of coeds!

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Bride of the Gorilla

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Bride of the Gorilla (1951) starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney, Jr., Tom Conway

Deep in the South American jungle plantation manager Barney Chavez kills his elderly employer in order to get to his beautiful wife. However, an old native witch witnesses the crime and puts a curse on Barney, who soon after finds himself turning nightly into a rampaging gorilla. But is his transformation real or is it all in his head? Find out in Bride of the Gorilla.

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Cat Girl

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Cat Girl (1957) starring Barbara Shelley, Robert Ayres, John Lee

In Cat Girl, a young woman inherits a family curse from her strange uncle. She transforms into a murderous feline when angered.

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Moon of the Wolf

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Moon of the Wolf (1972) starring David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman

Synopsis of Moon of the Wolf

In Moon of the Wolf, a rash of mysterious killings terrorize a small Louisiana town. When a trail of ravaged bodies turn up, folks on the bayou fear they’re being haunted by a wicked Cajun werewolf known as the loup-garou. It’s up to the town’s intrepid sheriff (David Janssen) to get to the bottom of things in this classic example of 70s horror fare.

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Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory

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Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory (1961) starring Barbara Lass

Synopsis of Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory

Despite the lurid title, Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory isn’t as bad as you might expect. It’s an Italian horror/thriller movie. Where … something … is murdering your women in a girls reformatory school. It mixes comely, overage reform school girls with a murderous werewolf … And possible murder suspects.

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