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The Luck of Newton Monroe

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The Luck of Newton Monroe - The Andy Griffith Show season 5
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The Luck of Newton MonroeThe Andy Griffith Show season 5

In The Luck of Newton Monroe, Andy arrests a traveling salesman for selling faulty merchandise. Then he puts him on work detail, where he manages to botch every job he’s given. Now Andy has to restore the man’s self-confidence and he may have to sacrifice his front porch to do it. Original airdate: 4/12/1965

Newton Monroe is, indeed, selling junk merchandise. Including a fur coat to Deputy Barney Fife, where the fur comes out by the clump! Soon, short-tempered Barney and equally short-tempered Newton are in aa shouting match on the street. Sheriff Andy Taylor intervenes, and arrests the man for peddling without a license. And then makes the mistake of putting him on a work detail.

And Newton is clownishly inept at the various tasks:

  • Digging a hole to plant a tree — and breaks a water pipe, which costs the sheriff’s department $17.00.
  • Knocking over a bucket of water, while mopping. Which isn’t so bad, until he puts the mop handle through a glass bookcase.
  • Cleaning the basement furnace – but leaving the flute closed, so the smoke fills the courthouse.

Newton’s down in the mouth, feeling that he can’t do anything right. So, Andy gives him a new task. To paint the porch on Andy’s house! But Newton comes back to the courthouse, still depressed, feeling that he didn’t do a good job.

Barney Fife: Your cell door’s open. And your keys are in your car.

So Andy and Barney leave for the day, to survey the damage. And, a clownish disaster it is! So, the duo picks up the paint brushes, and redo the entire job. The next day, Newton’s amazed at the job that “he” did. And he has a new optimism — and a new job! He now thinks he’s a painter!

Newton Monroe: Sheriff, you gave me the confidence I needed! I found out I’m not inept! I’m ept! 

Having set Newton up with a job in a nearby town, Andy and Barney think their problems are over. But Newton’s left them each a thank-you present. And Barney tries out Andy’s new electric razor. Which tries to suck his face in, ending the episode.

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