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The Gay Continental song lyrics

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The Gay Continental lyrics, as sung by Jerry Lewis in The Caddy
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The Gay Continental lyrics – as sung by Jerry Lewis in The Caddy

(Editor’s note: at the time, the word “gay” meant happy or care-free)

Where am I from?

Gentlemen, from Miami to London, from London to Boston, I’m known as the Gay Continental.

Continent-continent-continental, and I got this way quite accidental.

All my people have riches and velveteen britches and white ties and tails and top hats on,
And top hats and top hats and top hats on, and they breakfast in bed with their spats on.

Life’s a bore, having cocktails and teas around four, we fiddle dee dee,
I keep drinking as long as they’re free.

Now my old family tree is so precious to me, it’s the sturdy old tree I was sprung from,
I was sprung, I was sprung, I was sprung from, ’tis the tree that my grandpa was hung from,
So I can’t pay my rental, a gay continental am I.

Ho hum, I’m a high-class society crumb, c’est la vie,
Now in French, that means nothin’ to me.

My old family estate is so big and sedate if you happen my way give a look in,
Give a look, give a look, give a look in, on the Rue de la Flatbush in Brooklynn.

I’m a wee temperamental, at times detrimental, my money’s polental, my attitude’s mental,
My upper plate’s dental, a gay continental am I!

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