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Money from Home

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Money from Home (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley
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Synopsis of Money from Home (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley

Synopsis of Money from Home

In Money from Home, Gambler Honey Talk Nelson needs money to pay off his losses – quickly. He enlists the aid of his cousin Virgil, a veterinary assistant, to fix a horse race. Things become complicated when Nelson falls in love with the horse’s owner and Virgil falls in love with a veterinarian.

Review of Money from Home

First of all, ignore the 3-D shenanigans — like in other films of the time, it doesn’t really enhance the story and was a gimmick. Secondly, enjoy Money from Home. It’s an enjoyable romantic comedy, with smooth-talking Honey Talk Nelson (Dean Martin, of course — the perfect character name) scamming his impressionable cousin Virgin (Jerry Lewis) into doping a horse. The complications come in the form of two lovely young ladies. First, Dean begins falling in love with Phyllis, the horse’s owner, played by the lovely Marje Millar. And to add insult to injury, Jerry falls in love with Dr. Claypool (Pat Crowley). And the boys’ guilt begins to eat away at them — while gangsters are looking for Dean.

Adding to both the star-crossed romance and the comedy, shy Jerry “fills in” for Dean as he tries to serenade Marje — who’s angry at Dean — singing I Only Have Eyes for You. With Dean supplying the voice, Jerry lip-syncs to the music — until Marje starts changing the channels. It’s a very funny routine, calling back to his earliest days in show business when Jerry did something like this on stage.

Product Description of Money from Home

A hilarious laugh-a-minute comedy starring the legendary comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. When Honey Talk Nelson’s (Dean Martin) gambling debts start to mount, he enlists his veterinarian cousin Virgil (Jerry Lewis) to help him fix a race. Along the way, the boys find plenty of time for gags, music and for Honey Talk, a romance with the gorgeous Phyllis (Marjie Millar). Features their now classic take on Cyrano de Bergerac!

Funny quotes from Money from Home

Virgil (Jerry Lewis): Me and my big mouth. I’d get rid of it, except it’s such a handy place to keep my teeth.

Virgil (Jerry Lewis): They tell me when you ride you ride as if you were a part of the horse. Would that be a compliment, Sir?

Honey Talk (Dean Martin): Every dog has his day, but the nights are mine.

Virgil (Jerry Lewis): So do me something.

Cast of characters in Money from Home

Trivia for Money from Home

  • Reportedly one of only two 3-D films shot in three-strip Technicolor, the other being Flight to Tangier.
  • According to an August 1953 Hollywood Reporter news item, producers Hal B. Wallis and Joseph H. Hazen made the film independently, before a distributor was in place. In late June 1953, Wallis and Hazen dissolved their company, Hal Wallis Productions, through which they had made many films for Paramount release.

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