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The Carol Burnett Show Season 9

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The Carol Burnett Show Season 9
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The Carol Burnett Show Season 9 – 24 episodes. One of the most acclaimed and influential TV series ever, “The Carol Burnett Show” is now available in full seasons, including episodes not available for decades.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E1 – Jim Nabors

Season Nine’s premiere guest stars Jim Nabors! Sketches include Tim Conway as a soldier who refuses a medal from the Queen, preferring a pony instead; and Jim dropping in on Mama and “The Family.”

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E2 – Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr. guest stars, appearing as a star who has returned to his hometown and faced with childhood acquaintance Carol’s prejudices rising to the surface. Also: a look at a No-Frills Airline.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E3 – Cher

Tonight’s guest star is the fabulous Cher! Sketches include Harvey and Tom as dueling pianists, spoofs of commercials, and a love triangle between Harvey, Cher…and Carol Burnett as the mousy “other woman.”

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E4 – Family Show

Step back in time with “The Family” as Eunice thinks back to her early days with Ed and Mama. Also, Tim Conway plays a palace guard. An insanely stupid palace guard, because he saved his platoon by swallowing a live grenade. And he’s now hollow! He refuses to allow the Queen through the gates unless he gets a popsicle.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E5 – Family Show

Tonight’s sketches feature Harvey as a psychiatrist trying to unlock the secret of patient Carol’s crying jags, and Carol as Stella Toddler, reporting a mugging and robbery by Tim to the police.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E6 – Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith guest stars tonight, playing Tim’s girlfriend in a sketch where he is honored with christening a ship…which he refuses to do, much to the chagrin of the Queen. Also: a parody of “Jaws.” Which is frankly one of the funniest sketches ever aired! Tim Conway and the “sewer shark”, Harvey as the old salt sailor, etc. Literally comedy gold.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E7 – Family Show

Tonight: It’s not hard to guess that when Mama and The Family play Charades, things will turn to chaos. When Mama responds (unscripted) to Tim Conway’s unscripted story of the Siamese twins elephants, it’s utterly hilarious! Also: a despondent bar patron (Carol) meets her match in an equally blue bartender (Harvey.)

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E8 – Roddy McDowell

Roddy McDowell guest stars. Sketches include: Harvey’s proposal to Carol is stymied by an outbreak of infectious laughter; Roddy and Carol working an assembly line; a spoof of “The Little Foxes.”

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E9 – Family Show

Tonight’s sketches find Carol struggling with so-called “Easy Open” packaging, Harvey and Tim in a hilarious spoof of Jacques Cousteau! Poor Tim gets the worst of things for once. And Carol and Vicki as friends torn apart by fortune cookies.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E10 – Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith returns to guest star as the erudite teacher of Eunice and Ed’s son Bubba in another installment of “The Family.” Also: a newly remodeled kitchen falls apart around Carol and Harvey.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E11 – Betty White

Please welcome Ms. Betty White to the stage! Betty plays Eunice’s sister as “The Family” celebrates Mama’s birthday. It’s a very funny segment, as we find out what happened to Eunice’s pet bunny rabbit many years before. “Oh, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy!” Elsewhere: vacationers Carol and Tim lose sleep over a bug in their hotel room.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E12 – Family Show

This episode features another round of commercial spoofs, Harvey attempting to give a speech in spite of Tim’s noisy distractions, and Carol demonstrating to Vicki how nobody notices her.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E13 – Eydie Gorme

Guest Eydie Gorme shares a hospital room with Stella Toddler in this episode, which also features Tim as a man whose recently-purchased houseplant hates him, and The Oldest Man as a medieval torturer. With Harvey as his victim, of course. Poor Harvey may die from laughter!

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E14 – Family Show

Tonight, Tim and Harvey are opposing generals at the signing of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia. Meanwhile “Mama’s Family” gathers to head off for the funeral of Mama’s sister Mae.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E15 – Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence guest stars for this episode, highlighted by a take-off of the classic film noir “Laura.” It’s an absolutely hilarious parody. Steve Lawrence absolutely shines in the sketch, as does everyone else. Also: worlds collide when Carol’s Stella Toddler meets Tim’s The Oldest Man in a shoe store.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E16 – Rita Moreno

The incredible Rita Moreno guest stars, appearing in a sketch as a nurse to the accident-prone Carol. Where Rita keeps unintentionally hurting poor Carol, and being totally unaware! Also featured: Tim as a hapless officer attempting to dishonorably discharge sergeant Harvey. This is truly funny, where Tim pulls out a new accent that Harvey’s never heard. Tim delights in making Harvey break up on screen …. And poor Harvey fights manfully to keep his composure. And loses.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E17 – Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence is our guest this evening! Sketches include Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) attempting to explain the new office intercom to secretary Mrs. Wiggins, a classic Carol character making her debut here. As Carol often said, Mrs. Wiggins’ unique walk is courtesy of costume designer, Bob Mackie.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E18 – Family Show

Tonight features Carol in a dual role for a Late, Late Movie presentation of “A Swiped Life”– take-off of the 1946 film “A Stolen Life”, which starred Bette Davis as twin sisters in a love triangle. Also, a funny and sweet segment where Carol Burnett’s washwoman meets the famous tramp clown Emmett Kelly.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E19 – Family Show

Carol and company offer up a collection of delightful sketches, including Carol Burnett as an old lady feeding birds in the park, Tim Conway as a wacky pharmacist, with poor Harvey Korman as his suffering customer. And Carol and Vicki Lawrence as office buddies on a cruise.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E20 – Family Show

Tonight’s episode features a pair of fan favorite recurring sketches. First, “The Family” steps out as Mama, Eunice, and Ed go to a fancy restaurant. But Mama’s really not a “fancy restaurant” type of person. And Tim Conway’s “Oldest Man” is a Wild West sheriff.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E21 – Joanne Woodward

Guest star Joanne Woodward spends an evening with “The Family” in this episode. Joanne plays a past schoolmate of Eunice’s whose return to town for a visit upsets Mama and Ed’s expectations of Eunice.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E22 – Dick Van Dyke, Tony Randall

Two guests for the price of one–Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall! Sketches include: Dick as a salesman arriving during a couple’s quarrel, and Carol and Tony as marrieds with secret hand signals.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E23 – Jack Klugman

Jack Klugman is tonight’s guest star! Jack plays a skeptical man annoyed by his sister-in-law’s visiting date–a clairvoyant. Also: Carol, Tim and Harvey get a little work done in a very tiny office.

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E24 – Family Show

A “Family Show”, featuring “The Family”! Ed is going on an out-of-town trip…but Eunice and Mickey want to come along. Elsewhere, Harvey and Carol can’t stop making little digs at each other.

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