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The Carol Burnett Show season 1

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The Best of The Carol Burnett Show season 1
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The beginning of The Carol Burnett Show season 1. The very funny, Emmy-winning series. Carol Burnett appears with her cast members Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Wagonner.

1. The Carol Burnett Show: Jim Nabors
Carol Burnett welcomes guest star Jim Nabors! Segments include: “V.I.P.” interviews Shirley Dimple; Jim and Carol as accident-prone misfits in “The Ski Lodge”; and the debut of “Carol & Sis”.
2. The Carol Burnett Show: Sid Caesar
Comedy legend Sid Caesar guests as an expectant father. Also, “V.I.P.” interviews Lucy Brains, and “Carol & Sis” finds Chris’ college interview complicated by sleeping pills.
3. The Carol Burnett Show: Jonathan Winters
The brilliant Jonathan Winters guests as a pair of airport patrons interviewed by Harvey. And in “Carol & Sis”, Carol and Harvey struggle to remember the names of their visiting old dear friends.
4. The Carol Burnett Show: Lucille Ball and Tim Conway
Lucille Ball and Tim Conway guest star in this hilarious episode, highlighted by a sketch in which Lucy and Carol play rival Rent-A-Car agents vying for Tim’s business. Plus Lucy and Carol visit Cafe Argentine, with a goose-stepping Harvey Korman! And poor Tim as a news anchor for whom everything goes wrong.
5. The Carol Burnett Show: Imogene Coca
Delightful Imogene Coca joins Carol to play friends enlisted to appear in a coffee commercial, while Harvey and Carol shine in an interview with Miss America and the parody “Bonnie And Clod.”
6. The Carol Burnett Show: Bobbie Gentry and Phyllis Diller
It’s disorder in the court when guest Phyllis Diller presides over a murder trial. Other segments include an outrageous take on “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde” and Bobbie Gentry singing “The Look Of Love.”
7. The Carol Burnett Show: Diahann Carroll and The Smothers Brothers
Diahan Carroll and Carol perform a musical Halloween number that’s all treat and no trick. 60s spiritualism is skewered when The Smothers Brothers drop by, and “Carol & Sis” dabble in astrology.
8. The Carol Burnett Show: Nanette Fabray
Guest Star Nanette Fabray takes the stage as Carol’s vivacious office rival. Other sketches include a “V.I.P.” interview at a nudist camp and a wildly satiric look at foreign airlines.
9. The Carol Burnett Show: Richard Chamberlain and Kay Medford
Frankly my dear, guest star Richard Chamberlain gives it his all in “Gone With The Breeze”. And in the latest “Carol & Sis” sketch, it’s one sibling too many when Roger’s big sister Mimi shows up.
10. The Carol Burnett Show: Martha Raye
Boisterous big mouth Martha Raye guests as Carol’s unlikely cabinmate on a cruise. A “V.I.P.” interview with Lynda Bird and a demonstration of E.S.P. only add to the fun.
11. The Carol Burnett Show: Don Adams
Would you believe Don Adams guest stars? Don plays a talk show host beset with technical difficulties, Carol’s agitated husband in “The Lost Purse,” and (with Harvey) one of a pair of griping fathers.
12.The Carol Burnett Show: Jonathan Winters and Barbara Eden
The irrepressible Jonathan Winters returns, playing two roles in “The Wonderful World Of Prisons!” Also featured: “Carol & Sis” put together a surprise party; Carol is “Mrs. Invisible Man.” Lyle Waggoner and Barbara Eden pull a prank on Carol. Barbara and Carol do a hilarious routine as magicians – where things unexpectedly go wrong!
13. The Carol Burnett Show: Mickey Rooney and John Davidson (Part 1)
Carol’s guests are Mickey Rooney and John Davidson! Davidson sings “Somewhere”, Rooney takes part in a wild, wild Western, and Carol must choose between the two (and Lyle) on “The Rat Race.”
14. The Carol Burnett Show: Mickey Rooney and John Davidson (Part 2)
Special guests Mickey Rooney and John Davidson join Carol and Vicki to tell the tale of “The Four Funns Of Broadway,” a show-biz chronicle of a vaudeville family packed with songs and laughs.
15. The Carol Burnett Show: Jonathan Winters and Sid Caesar
Jonathan Winters crashes Carol’s Q&A, while the legendary “Professor” Sid Caesar teaches Carol self-defense, then joins the gang for a spoof of Ancient Rome movies. “Hail Caesar,” indeed!
16. The Carol Burnett Show: Lynn Redgrave
Lynn Redgrave guests, joining Carol and Harvey in “A Dirty English Movie” about soccer player Crazy Feet Groggins. And in “Carol & Sis”, Carol and Vicki try to hide a dog from an allergic Harvey.
17. The Carol Burnett Show: Frank Gorshin and Lana Turner
Carol’s guests are Frank Gorshin and Lana Turner. Gorshin dazzles with his famous impressions, then joins up with Turner in a sketch about Bluebeard, who has just taken his unlucky 13th bride–Carol.
18. The Carol Burnett Show: Ken Berry and Trini Lopez
Guest star Ken Berry shows off his musical theatre chops, first performing “Mack The Knife”, then joining Carol, Harvey, and guest Trini Lopez in the musical melodrama “Showdown On The Show Boat.”
19. The Carol Burnett Show: Shirley Jones and George Chakiris
Carol’s guests are George Chakiris and Shirley Jones! Chakiris joins Carol for the Q&A, while the latest “Carol & Sis” sketch finds Jones playing Roger’s temp secretary–much to Carol’s dismay.
20. The Carol Burnett Show: Jonathan Winters and Dionne Warwick
The great Jonathan Winters returns as Carol’s guest, highlighted by a dual role in “The Wonderful World Of Hospitals.” And the latest “Carol & Sis” sketch finds Carol stuck in Chris’ space helmet.
21. The Carol Burnett Show: Jack Palance
Tough guy Jack Palance guest stars, playing off his screen persona in a gangster sketch. Meanwhile Carol and Roger encounter Chris’ newest beau–an eccentric flower child–in “Carol & Sis.”
22. The Carol Burnett Show: Martha Raye and Betty Grable
Martha Raye and Betty Grable guest in the soap opera spoof “As The Stomach Turns.” And a “Beautiful Legs” contest reveals stiff completion from an unlikely competitor. All this, and Carol’s Q&A too!
23. The Carol Burnett Show: Nanette Fabray and Art Carney
Art Carney and Nanette Fabray are Carol’s guests for this delightful outing, featuring the sketches “Guess What’s Coming To Dinner?” (spoiler alert: It’s a mermaid) and “Passion On 10th Avenue.”
24. The Carol Burnett Show: Garry Morre and Durward Kirby
Garry Moore and Durward Kirby team up with Carol and the gang for the evening, appearing in the sketch “Science Fiction Playhouse.” Meanwhile, “Carol & Sis” features Carol three sheets to the wind.
25. The Carol Burnett Show: Imogene Coca and Mel Torme
Imogene Coca and “The Velvet Fog” Mel Torme are Carol’s guests. Highlights include Coca and Carol as wives of rival political candidates, and a fangtastic Dracula sketch with Torme as Igor.

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