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The Carol Burnett Show Bobbie Gentry and Phyllis Diller

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The Carol Burnett Show season 1, episode 6 - Carol Burnett and Judge Phyllis Diller
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The Carol Burnett Show Bobbie Gentry and Phyllis Dillerseason 1 episode 6

The Carol Burnett Show Bobbie Gentry and Phyllis Diller – It’s disorder in the court when guest Phyllis Diller presides over a murder trial. Other segments include an outrageous take on “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde” and Bobbie Gentry singing “The Look Of Love.”

Comedy Sketches

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

Carol plays the wife of Dr Jekyll (William Shallert) – who, after a hard day at the office, wants to relax with a drink. Despite Carol’s protests, he does so, and turns into a furry Dr. Hyde! More wolf than man, he eats out of a bowl, chews a bone, and jumps out a window! Then, Harvey Norman appears as one of Carol’s old suitors – a dentist who’s been working with the cannibals of Africa. They still eat people, but now brush after every meal. He tries to talk Carol into running away with him, but he refuses. After he leaves, she decides – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So she drinks the formula — “That does hit the spot” — and turns into … Phyllis Diller!

Carol & Sis

Chrissy brings home a foreign exchange student. All’s well until — the student turns out to be a gorgeous Swedish girl, that husband Roger flips for.

Murder Trial

Phyllis Diller is the judge, and William Shallert is the bailiff. Whom she threatens to fire, even if he is her nephew! Carol is the strict, though near-sighted prosecutor. And Harvey does an impersonation of Clarence Darrow as “Clarence Sparrow” — a very elderly impersonation. And Lyle is at his best as the self-centered murder suspect in tight clothing, that drives Judge Phyllis wild! To say that she’s biased in his favor is a massive understatement.


  • Gwen Verdon sings “The 59th Street Bridge Song
  • Bobbie Gentry sings “The Look of Love

Cast of characters

Additional Cast

  • The Don Crichton Dancers … Dancer / Juror
  • Barbro Hedström … Female Swedish Exchange Student / Maid
  • William Schallert (The Incredible Shrinking Man; The Man From Planet X) … Henry Jekyll / Court Bailiff
  • Don Crichton … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)
  • Randy Doney … Swedish Exchange Student / Juror (uncredited)
  • The Ernie Flatt Dancers … Dancers (uncredited)
  • Bonnie Evans … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)
  • Birl Jonns … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)
  • Ed Pfeiffer … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)
  • Lee Roy Reams … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)
  • Pat Tribble … Dancer / Juror (uncredited)

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