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Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom

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Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom (1976) starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen

When two mysterious seed pods are unearthed in the Antarctic. And a crackpot millionaire commandeers one of them for his English garden. And Doctor Who and Sarah Jane are the only ones who can stop The Seeds of Doom.

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Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

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Doctor Who – The Three Doctors, starring Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, William Hartnell, Katy Manning, Nicholas Courtney

In The Three Doctors, The Time Lords are in crisis. A powerful force is draining their energy into a mysterious Black Hole … And they’re forced to recruit the Doctor to save them. But one Doctor isn’t enough for this mission. All three of the Doctor’s incarnations, aided by Jo Grant and UNIT, must face the wrath of Omega. He’s an ancient Time Lord trapped in a universe of anti-matter, with one thing on his mind: Escape. Which soon turns to revenge …

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Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin

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Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin (1976), starring Tom Baker, Peter Pratt

Synopsis of Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin

Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin – Gallifrey. Planet of the Time Lords. The Fourth Doctor has finally come home, but not by choice. Summoned by a vision from the Matrix, he is drawn into a web of political intrigue and assassination. Nothing is quite what it seems, and in the shadows lurks his oldest and deadliest enemy.

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Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus

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Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus (1964) starring William Hartnell, Jacqueline Hill,  William Russell,  Carole Ann Ford

Synopsis of Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus

On a remote island of glass surrounded by a sea of acid, there is a machine that can remove evil from the minds of an entire population – the Conscience of Marinus. Fearful of its immense power falling into wrong hands, its sole guardian has scattered the machine’s operating keys across the planet. The TARDIS crew arrives to find the island under attack by the evil Voord. Marinus’ last line of defense – and its only hope – is the Conscience machine. The Doctor and his companions must undertake a deadly quest to recover the keys of Marinus.

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Doctor Who – Survival

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Doctor Who – Survival, starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Anthony Ainsley

Synopsis of Doctor Who – Survival

Survival – The Doctor takes Ace back to her hometown of Perivale, only to find that something is very, very wrong. Many of Ace’s old friends and neighbors have disappeared while domestic pets become victims of unseen killers. Will the hunter become the hunted when only the fittest survive?

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Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks

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Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks, starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter

I recently re-watched Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks courtesy of BBC-TV.  I’m glad to say that it reminded me why I fell in love with this TV series. It’s well-written, well-acted, with intelligent themes that make the audience think about the questions raised. If you could go back in time and prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler – would you?

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