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Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen

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Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen (1975) starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter
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Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen (1975) starring Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter

In Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen, The Fourth Doctor and his companions are stuck between the Cybermen and the inhabitants of Voga, the planet of gold.

Part 1

The crew of Nerva has fallen victim to a space plague. Haven’t they? And the same time, some of the people of Voga talk about their secret agent on board the Earth ship …. And then a cybermat attacks one of the crew! Next, the fourth Doctor and his companions Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan are there by mistake. As the “new medical team”, the Doctor realizes it’s an attack by the Cybermen. But haven’t they been extinct for centuries?

Part 2

Next, Sarah is a victim of the “plague”. The only cure is to transmit her down to Voga. But the transmats been sabotaged. Can the Doctor jury rig a repair in time? Then, the Vogans learn that the Cybermen will attack in four hours. And, they intend to launch their experimental missile at Nerva Station first. But the station personnel catch the traitor on board. And then, the Doctor has a plan to get the truth out of him. And there’s a bit of a power struggle between the Vogans a well.

Vorus: You have the philosophy of a cringing mouse, Tyrum!

Part 3

Sarah and Harry are caught in the middle of a civil war on Voga. Meanwhile, Narva Beacon is invaded by the Cybermen. And they are intent on destroying Voga. The Cybermen force the Doctor, Stevenson and Lester to carry bombs to the centre of Voga. All to utterly destroy the planet of gold. In the meanwhile Sarah, Harry and Tyrum decide to contact Vorus. Sarah manages to make it to the transmit, and beam back aboard the station. Which is now controlled by Cybermen. Back on the planet, there’s a rockslide that kills Kellman, and injures the Doctor. So Harry’s going to remove the Doctor’s backpack …. Not knowing that it will explode if he does!

Cyberleader: Cybermen can survive more efficiently than animal organisms. That is why we will rule the galaxy.

Doctor Who: What great rewards have you promised Kellman?
Cyberleader: The matter is of no interest to you.
Doctor Who: Everything’s of interest to me. And Cybermen possess nothing that a human might want.
Cyberleader: You are incorrect.
Doctor Who: Then what is it? You’ve no home planet, no influence, nothing! You’re just a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers skulking about the galaxy in an ancient spaceship!

Part 4

[the Doctor, unconscious due to the rockslide, Harry tries to unbuckle The Doctor’s harness which, if tampered with, would detonate the bomb The Doctor is wearing. The Doctor awakes and stops him]
The Fourth Doctor: Harry, were you trying to undo this?
Harry Sullivan: Well, naturally.
The Fourth Doctor: Did you make the rocks fall, Harry?
Harry Sullivan: Well, I suppose… I suppose I must have done, yes.
[the Doctor laughs quietly and takes a deep breath]
The Fourth Doctor: [yelling] HARRY SULLIVAN IS AN IMBECILE!

After the Doctor, Harry, and Lester stop the Cyberman’s plan to explode the planet, So then, the Cybermen intend to crash the Nerva Beacon into Voga. And destroy the greatest source of gold in the galaxy. It’s their only weakness. The Doctor makes a final attempt to rescue Sarah from the Cybermen. Before the Vogans launch their missile at the station. But they’re captured …. Is there something the Doctor can do at the last moment to save th day?

The Fourth Doctor: Cogito ergo sum.
Sarah Jane Smith: What?
The Fourth Doctor: I think, therefore it missed.

Cast of characters

  • Tom Baker (Doctor Who: Logopolis, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) … The Doctor. The Fourth Doctor, who’s unintentionally thrust into the situation on the space station, along with his companions.
  • Elisabeth Sladen (Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom) … Sarah Jane Smith. Reporter and the Doctor’s companion.
  • Ian Marter (Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks) … Harry Sullivan. Medical doctor with UNIT and faithful companion as well.
  • Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death, Le Mans) … Commander Stevenson. The commander of Nerva Station.
  • Jeremy WilkinKellman. The traitor on board the space station. He’s willing to cell everybody out to the Cybermen. And, secretly double-cross them in collusion with Vorus. Which would still result in the death of everyone on board the station.
  • William Marlowe (Wuthering Heights 1967) … Lester. One of the few surviving members of the station. A reliable fellow. He dies in a heroic sacrifice, saving the Doctor and Harry.
  • Kevin StoneyTyrum. The current leader of the Vogans.
  • David Collings (Scrooge 1970) … Vorus. Head of security, who wants to become the leader of the Vogans.
  • Brian Grellis (Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy) … Sheprah
  • Michael Wisher (Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons) … Magrik
  • Christopher Robbie (Doctor Who: The Mind Robber) … Cyberleader

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The Doctor and his companions are lost in time. Expecting to be reunited with the TARDIS following a secret mission for the Time Lords, they instead find themselves on a plague-stricken space station orbiting the remnants of Voga, Planet of Gold. The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane have stumbled into the last battle of an ancient conflict between humankind and one of its most terrifying foes–the Cybermen.

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