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Planet of the Daleks [Doctor Who]

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Planet of the Daleks (1973) starring Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning
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Planet of the Daleks (1973) starring Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning

In Planet of the Daleks, the Third Doctor (Jon Pertweee) and Jo Grant (Katy Manning) find themselves on a strange planet. There they meet multiple dangers, find friends in the Thals, and enemies in … The Daleks!

Part 1

Injured by an Orgun gun, the Doctor asks the Time Lords to send the TARDIS … somewhere. The TARDIS arrives on the unknown planet Spiridon. Then, leaving him to rest, Jo explores the planet to find help. However, He’s rescued by a squadron of Thals, who give them medical attention. At the end of the episode, the Doctor and the Thals see what they’re invisible foes look like …

Part 2

The Doctor continues recovering from his coma. However, unknown to him, Jo Grant is being infected by the strange spores that the Thals have already cured the Doctor from. If Jo isn’t treated soon, the condition becomes fatal. Having befriended a That expedition, he’s captured by the Daleks. Then, he thinks that Jo was in the Thals’ spaceship as the Daleks destroy it! So, they him to their base. Then, a second Thal expedition arrives with terrible news. Meanwhile, an unknown invisible person has rescued Jo, and is curing her of her fungoid infection.

Part 3

In the Dalek city, the Doctor breaks out of his prison cell and joins forces with the Thals, With the Daleks in pursuit, the Doctor has to improvise an escape plan. With a Dalek refrigeration unit?

The Doctor: For a man who abhors violence, I must confess a great satisfaction in doing it.

Part 4

The Doctor and the Thals escape from the Dalek city. The Doctor happily finds out that Jo is still alive. The Daleks are preparing a deadly bacteria, to kill all life on the planet.

Part 5

They’re desperate to prevent the Daleks from releasing their plague. So the Doctor, Jo, and the Thals infiltrate the Dalek base. But they’re detected …

Part 6

A force of 10,000 Daleks are coming to life below the surface of Spiridon, The Doctor and the Thals must find a way to defeat the Daleks before they invade the galaxy.

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The Doctor slips into a coma as the TARDIS lands on Spiridon, where far beneath the planet’s surface lurks the largest force of Daleks ever assembled. This complete and restored six-part adventure includes the rarely broadcast black-and-white Episode 3.

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