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Doctor Who: The Romans [First Doctor]

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Doctor Who: The Romans [First Doctor]
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Doctor Who: The Romans. The Doctor and companions fall prey to the hazards of ancient Rome which culminate in Nero’s Great Fire

Doctor Who: The Romans is a story arc of the First Doctor (William Hartnell). With his companions Ian, Barbara, and Vicki, they relax in the time of the Roman Empire. Staying at a Roman citizen’s villa, as one of them says, you don’t need to go looking for trouble — it finds them! The story segments are:

The Slave Traders

After relaxing at a Roman villa, the Doctor heads to Rome with his new companion, Vicki. Then, he is mistaken for a murdered lyre player. And, targeted for assassination. In the meantime, slave traders capture Ian and Barbara.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Barbara is sold as a slave. Ian is a galley slave. He survives shipwreck with his fellow slave Delos, and heads to Rome to find Barbara. Later, he’s recaptured. Then trained to be a gladiator. Next, the Doctor and Vicki arrive at the emperor Nero’s court. The Doctor continues impersonating the murdered lyre player, Maximus Pettulian. Throughout, the scenes of the lecherous Emperor Nero chasing Barbara are actually quite funny.


Nero’s second wife, Poppaea, plans to poison Barbara. Since she’s now the object of Nero’s affections. After doing a twist on “the emperor’s new clothes”, the jealous Nero is not amused. Then, the Doctor is to be thrown to the lions. And Ian and Delos are set against each other in the arena.


Inspired by The Doctor, Nero sets Rome on fire. Ian fights his way out of the arena and rescues Barbara. Finally, The Doctor and Vicki hurry to flee the city, and escape to the TARDIS.


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