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Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters

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Carnival of Monsters (1973) starring Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning
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Carnival of Monsters (1973) starring Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning

Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters – The Doctor and Jo are free to roam in the TARDIS, but they seem to be on a 1920s ship – aren’t they?

Product Description 

Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters: Special Edition (Episode 66) (DVD)

The Doctor has promised Jo a holiday on Metebelis 3, but the TARDIS materializes not on the famous blue planet, but in the cargo hold of the SS Bernice, sailing to India in 1926. Despite all appearances, the Doctor insists that they are no longer on Earth, but Jo’s not convinced, at least not until a sea dinosaur attacks the ship!

Millions of miles from Earth, a traveling showman named Vorg and his lovely assistant have arrived on Inter Minor to bring a little sunshine into the humdrum lives of the Minorian officials and functionaries. The dilapidated device they’ve brought looks rather unpromising until Vorg explains that the entertainment the Scope offers is “live”- it holds actual, miniaturized, living creatures kidnapped from every corner of the universe. There are Cybermen, Ogrons and even a party of rare Tellurians aboard a quaint steamship.

Episode 1

The Doctor is free to roam time and space again. But having planned to visit Mirabella Three, the Doctor and Jo find themselves stowaways aboard a ship in the 1920’s heading for Bombay. Seemingly …

Vorg: The generators were built by the old Eternity Perpetual company. They were designed to last forever; that’s why the company went bankrupt.

Episode 2

The Doctor and Jo realize that they are actually trapped in a loop in a miniaturized version of Earth. The other ship passengers repeat the same day over and over, endlessly reliving the same day.

Episode 3

Having escaped from the ship, the Doctor and Jo find themselves tuck inside the workings of a giant machine. How can they find their way out?

Episode 4

The Doctor is reunited with his TARDIS, and now full size. But Jo is still trapped within the machine. When the Doctor meets the operators of the Scope he learns that Jo is in great danger.

Pletrac: The function of this tribunal is to keep this planet clean. This Tellurian creature comes from outside our solar system and is a possible carrier of contagion. Furthermore the creature may be hostile.
The Doctor: Would you kindly stop referring to me as “the creature”, sir. Or I may well become exceedingly hostile!

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