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Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons

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In Terror of the Autons, the Master attempts to use an army of Autons to conquer Earth. Unless the Doctor, Jo Grant, and UNIT can stop him, of course.
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In Terror of the Autons, the Master attempts to use an army of Autons to conquer Earth. Unless the Doctor, Jo Grant, and UNIT can stop him, of course.

Terror of the Autons part 1

The Master paves the way for an invasion by the Nestene consciousness. First, he uses his mental powers to take control of a plastics factory. He catches Jo Grant, and hypnotizes her as well. And sends her back to UNIT to detonate a bomb!

Terror of the Autons part 2

The Master uses his hypnotic powers to take control of a factory where he creates Autons. He murders one individual at the factory. And then, the retired president of the factory. A man who’s too strong-willed to be controlled. To whom the Master has given a very ugly plastic doll …. In the meanwhile, the Doctor prevents the hypnotized Jo from detonating the Master’s bomb. He then frees her from the Master’s control. And follows a clue to the Master at a circus.

Terror of the Autons part 3

The Doctor and Jo are rescued by UNIT at the circus. The only clue to the Master’s plans is a single plastic daffodil. Disguised Autons are distributing the daffodils, and young Mr. Farrell is trying to break free of the Master’s control. The Master, in disguise, installs new phone equipment in the Doctor’s laboratory. And the Doctor investigates the mystery of the plastic doll.

Terror of the Autons part 4

The Master is broadcasting an activation signal to open a channel for the Nestenes. And the Doctor has only 90 minutes to unravel the mystery of the daffodils before the Brigadier launches an air strike on the Autons. The Doctor has to stop the Master from triggering the “daffodils” in the conclusion …. And bringing the Nestene to Earth!

Cast of characters

Jon PertweeThe Doctor. The third Doctor, who’s more of an action hero than his previous incarnations.
Nicholas CourtneyBrigadier Lethbridge Stewart. The commander of UNIT, whom The Doctor reports to. A strict military man, and a good fellow to have on your side. He saves the life of The Doctor twice.
Roger DelgadoThe Master. The Doctor’s opposite number makes his first appearance here inTerror of the Autons. Brilliant, cold, and deadly. He masquerades as “Colonel Masters” as part of taking over the plastics factory.
Katy ManningJo Grant, the Doctor’s new assistant. She’s not a scientist like the previous assistant, but she’s brave, loyal, and courageous.
Richard FranklinCaptain Mike Yates. The Brigadier’s second in command.
John LeveneSergeant Benton. One of the UNIT troops, who saves Jo Grant’s life from the plastic doll.
Michael WisherRex Farrel. The young man running the plastics factory. He falls under the mental control of The Master.
Stephen JackFarrell Senior. Rex’s father, who is too strong-willed to be controlled by the Master. Who then is killed by an ugly, plastic doll.
John BaskcombRossini. The Master is using his circus to hide Professor Philips.
Christopher BurgessProfessor Philips.
Roy StewartStrong Man. The circus strong man, who holds the Doctor prisoner, and threatens to break his arms. The actor previously appeared in Doctor Who in Tomb of the Cybermen.

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“I have come to destroy you Doctor, once and for all!” The Earth is in terrible danger! The Master is back with an evil scheme to destroy humanity and silence the Doctor forever. His plan: To awaken the awesome power of the Nestene-a ruthlessly aggressive alien life form. Once mixed with plastic, they will form into faceless automatons, a willing army of destruction easily controlled by the evil Time Lord himself. This is the terrible threat now facing the Earth-the terror of the Autons.

Aided by the Brigadier and his enthusiastic new assistant, Jo Grant, only the Doctor can combat their evil power, but first he must defeat the Master… Originally transmitted in color January 2nd-23rd 1971, this four part adventure starring Jon Pertwee was lost in its original form. Only a black and white version and an edited color American NTSC standard version remained until now when technology worthy of the Doctor himself has reconciled the two, synchronising them into one full color version.

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