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Blondie’s Holiday

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Dagwood in the gambling den in "Blondie's Holiday"
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Blondie’s Holiday (1947) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Normally, it’s Dagwood that causes the trouble. But in Blondie’s Holiday, it’s Blondie’s turn. She lets her pride cause the trouble. She lets her old high school friend Paul Madison think that Dagwood’s getting a $250/week raise — when it’s only $2.50. And when they “volunteer” Dagwood to pay for the entire high school reunion …. She doesn’t want to make Dagwood look bad.

And so, the Bumsteads are now on the hook for $400 dollars! And Dagwood only makes $75/week. In addition, Dagwood needs to sell Mr. Breckinridge on letting the Dithers construction company on building his new bank — or else!

There’s a cute flashback to 15 years ago, when Blondie, Dagwood, and Paul Madison were all in high school. And Paul makes no secret of how he despises Dagwood. Who’s been in high school for seven years, after all!

Dagwood in the gambling den in "Blondie's Holiday"

After Dagwood gets fired – again – Blondie starts an at-home business, refurbishing Dagwood’s old hats to lady’s fats. She makes $200! And Dagwood’s foolish enough to try and bet it on the horses! At the backroom, he meets an older.woman who’s winning. And he accidentally bets all of Blondie’s money on one race! Surprisingly, he wins! But before he can collect, there’s a police raid! And Dagwood risks himself to help the older woman escape. Although he gets caught himself.

In one of those twists that became standard on sitcoms, the older woman is Mrs. Breckenbridge — the banker’s wife. And, in the jail, Mr. Breckenbridge shows up, and gratefully offers Dagwood a job with the firm to build the new bank. But Mr. Radcliffe is there …. And Dagwood’s rehired, and Radcliffe even pays for the dinner. Reluctantly, but he pays. And Dagwood shows up at the last moment at the dinner, and all ends well.


  • Penny SingletonBlondie Bumstead. The normally level-headed woman whose pride causes the conflict in Blondie’s Holiday.
  • Arthur LakeDagwood Bumstead. Dagwood gets a $2.50 a week raise. Which Blondie’s friends think is $250! This leads to the central conflict of the movie. The “friends” expect him to pay for the class reunion. Which, of course, he simply can’t afford.
  • Larry SimmsAlexander Bumstead. Blondie and Dagwood’s son.
  • Marjorie Ann MutchieCookie Bumstead (as Marjorie Kent). Blondie and Dagwood’s cute daughter.
  • Jerome Cowan (Shall We Dance, Miracle on 3rth Street) … George M. Radcliffe. The new owner of the J. C. Dithers construction company, and Dagwood’s boss.
  • Grant Mitchell (Arsenic and Old Lace, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) … Samuel Breckenridge. The stodgy bank owner who doesn’t want to build a new bank … initially. But Dagwood manages to convince him otherwise – in a comedic moment.
  • Sid Tomack (Living it Up) … Pete Brody. The con artist who sells a “fool proof” system for winning on the horses. And Dagwood’s fool enough to hire him – for $20/hour! He causes the firm to lose the bank contract …. And Dagwood to lose his job – again!
  • Mary YoungMrs. Breckenbridge. The banker’s wife,
  • Jeff YorkPaul Madison (Class of ’32). The “most likely to succeed” in high school. Who’s apparently not as successful as he expected. He’s willing to stiff Dagwood with the entire bill for the high school reunion. 40 people, as $10 each. And $400 was a huge amount at the time. Given that Dagwood only makes $75/week!
  • Eddie AcuffPostman. The mailman whom Dagwood keeps running over as a recurring joke in the movie series. Until he’s trained the Bumstead’s dog to bring the mail in for him!


Searching the want ads for a job in "Blondie's Holiday"
Searching the want ads for a job in “Blondie’s Holiday”
  • Dagwood’s raise brings his salary to $75/week, which is about $3,900/year. That’s the equivalent of just over $45,500/year in 2020.
  • The twentieth of twenty-eight Blondie movies.
  • This is the only movie of the entire series to not feature the Bumsteads’ dog Daisy.
  • Jerome Cowan previously played the antagonist in Blondie Knows Best.

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