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The Lost World 1925 movie poster

The Lost World 1925

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The Lost World 1925 – the original silent adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, with explorers finding surviving dinosaurs. It features beautiful animation by Willis O’Brien. But more importantly, characters that we care about, and conflict between them. And a heartbreaking sacrifice by one member of the expedition.

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The Creation of the Humanoids

Creation of the Humanoids

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In Creation of the Humanoids, the survivors of a nuclear holocaust are struggling for survival. The need the help of their android servants. But one segment of society distrusts, and hates, the androids.

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Flash Gordon - The Deadly Ray from Mars

The Deadly Ray from Mars

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Flash Gordon – The Deadly Ray from Mars (1966) starring Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers

Buy from Amazon In short, Flash Gordon – The Deadly Ray from Mars is the 1938 Universal serial “Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars“, edited into a single movie that was released to TV. Having said that, if you’re a fan of the old time movie serials, you’ll have a blast. Emperor Ming of Mongo returns, as well as new additions like the magical Azura, Queen of Mars, the clay people she’s cursed, etc.

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Queen of Blood (1966) starring John Saxon, Judy Meredith, Dennis Hopper, Terry Lee, Basil Rathbone

Queen of Blood

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In Queen of Blood, Earth receives its’ first message from an interstellar civilization – but the alien ship crash lands on Mars.  They attempt an urgent rescue mission, with a stop at the moon base.  And there’s only one survivor.  A green-skinned female, with an … unusual appetite.

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Things to Come (1936) starring Raymond Massey

Things to Come

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Things to Come (1936) is H. G. Welles’ interpretation of his book, a Utopian future where war & poverty are wiped out. Starring Raymond Massey.

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Blade Runner (1982) starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer

Blade Runner

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Blade Runner is an iconic film noir, set in the future, where the protagonist tracks down & destroys dangerous replicants. But then there’s a problem. Decker, the protagonist, begins to fall in love with a replicant. She’s not a danger — yet. And initially she doesn’t even realize that she’s a replicant, with artificial memories. Then, there’s something more.

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Journey to the Center of Time (1967) starring Scott Brady, Anthony Eisley, Gigi Perreau

Journey to the Center of Time

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Journey to the Center of Time (1967) starring Scott Brady, Anthony Eisley, Gigi Perreau

Journey to the Center of Time deals with a small team of scientists, traveling through time after an accident. They deal with external perils, and an internal conflict.

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