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Fancy Pants lyrics


Fancy Pants lyrics, from Fancy Pants, written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, performed by Lucille Ball (dubbed by Annette Warren), Bob Hope

Hey, Fancy Pants!
You’re a pussy-footing critter
When you see a gal, you skitter

Hey, you, Fancy Pants!
Oh, you dropped your purty hankie
Mama’s gonna spankie

Hey, Fauntleroy!
Women who crave men
Wanna love cavemen
Say, Angel Boy
Show some grit
That’s what you gotta get

Hey, Fancy Pants!
You’re a highfalutin geezer
‘fraid to take a gal and squeeze her

Hey, you, Fancy Pants!
Run to mama for protection
How’s your stamp collection?

Hey, Pantywaist!
Looking at us and stompin’ and cussin’
What you scared about?
Take a chance
If you’re rootin’ and tootin’
Folks’ll quit a’hooting
“There goes fancy pants!”


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