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Beat the Devil (1953) starring Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida

Beat the Devil

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John Huston’s Beat the Devil stars Humphrey Bogart as Billy Dannreuther, the front man for a group of swindlers stranded in an Italian port town, scheming to take ownership of uranium-rich land in Africa. Also stranded is a naive British couple, Mr. and Mrs. Chelm (Edward Underdown and Jennifer Jones). Flirtations and a web of lies ensue among the group, testing romantic loyalty and allegiances among them.

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Chandu the Magician (1932) starring Bela Lugosi, Edmund Lowe, Irene Ware

Chandu the Magician

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A film version of the popular radio serial, Chandu, The Magician is a fun, entertaining drama with some of the best special effects of its time. Our hero Frank Chandler (Chandu) tries to keep his supernatural powers a secret from his dear sister Dorothy and her family. But Dorothy’shusband have been kidnapped by the villainous Roxor who wants to force him, to reveal the secret of his death ray. Chandu’s magical feats keeps him one step ahead of Roxor. But he falls prey to Roxor when the villain snatches Chandu’s sweetheart, Princess Nadji.

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Britannic (2000) starring Edward Atterton, Amanda Ryan


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Britannic is a highly fictionalized telling of the story of the sinking of the Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic.

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Brian's Song (1971) starring James Caan, Billy Dee Williams

Brian’s Song

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Brian’s Song is a truly great film about an unlikely friendship between two football players. How they’re thrown together, and become both friends and competitors at the same time. And when one suffers an injury that could end his career, the other helps him rehabilitate – to beat him fair and square. And then, the other friend faces cancer …

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Two Smart People (1946) starring Lucille Ball, John Hodiak

Two Smart People

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Two Smart People combines the best of film noir, crime caper and romance in this little gem with Lucille Ball, John Hodiak and Lloyd Nolan.

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The Boys from Brazil (1978) starring Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck, James Mason

The Boys from Brazil

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In The Boys from Brazil, an elderly Nazi hunter is notified of something odd happening in Brazil. Is it the rebirth of the Third Reich? Or is it something far worse?

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Houdini the Movie Star

Houdini the Movie Star

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Houdini the Movie StarMost people associate Harry Houdini with magic and escapes, as they should.  But in the 1920’s, he *also* starred in several movies. The Master Mystery, Terror Island, The Man from Beyond, Haldane of the Secret Service, and The Grim Game. Now available on this three DVD set, along with specials including recordings of Houdini performing escapes, an audio recording of Houdini, and Houdini’s brother Theo (aka. Hardeen) performing Houdini’s Metamorphosis illusion

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The Little Princess (1939) starring Shirley Temple

The Little Princess

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The Little Princess is the classic Shirley Temple film where a little girl goes from riches to rags. She searches for her father, reported missing during the Second Boer War.

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Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), starring Charles Laughton, Clark Gable

Mutiny on the Bounty

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Synopsis of Mutiny on the Bounty

Academy Award winner Clark Gable stars as the first mate who leads his ship’s exploited and abused crew in the Mutiny on the Bounty.

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