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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the video store? I went to a ‘family’ video store recently, and saw R, NC-17 and X-rated movies in the same area as the kids videos — it turned my stomach. This is family entertainment? Then, a few days later, I picked up an Abbott & Costello video tape from their old TV series — on the back of the video case there was an interesting quote, to the effect “Do you remember when humor wasn’t blue, and comedy was still funny?” That’s exactly what I thought! Why wasn’t there a book store that stocked only books, videos and computer software that I could walk into with my family — selling good, quality products. Not just movies, but books and software — the whole kit and kaboodle, as they say.

And so, this site. If I think a book, video, DVD or CD should have a warning label, I bluntly say so; if I think it’s a gem, I say that also. I hope you enjoy your visit at, and if you find something you like, feel free to ‘order’ it — we’re affiliated with, and they will handle all orders through their secure servers.