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Britannic (2000) starring Edward Atterton, Amanda Ryan
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Britannic is a highly fictionalized telling of the story of the sinking of the Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic.

Britannic (2000) starring Edward Atterton, Amanda Ryan

The Good

  • The sets and the costuming are very good.
  • The acting is mostly quite good. I’m a large fan of John Rhys-Davies, and he does a very good job.

The Bad

  • Some of the special effects are poorly done. Especially.the sinking of the ship.
  • It’s way too preachy about women’s rights. Especially given the time period, it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • The female protagonist throws her morals out the window, to sleep with a man who’s virtually a stranger. A prime example of trying to push modern “morality” on the past.
  • And even after she finds out he’s a German spy, responsible for the deaths of dozens and the destruction of the ship … She still “loves” him. Despite his actions, including lying to her and deceiving her.
  • Much of the story is heavily fictionalized, effectively a Well, this could have happened” story.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Product Description

Buy from Amazon It was the sister ship of the infamous Titanic… and it’s final destiny was the same. Experience the true untold story of Britannic, a tumultuous, epic voyage of human passion, courage and betrayal aboard an ill-fated ocean liner bound for a shattering demise. With the world at war, an undercover British agent (Amanda Ryan), embarks the Britannic in search of a German spy believed to be on board to sabotage the ship. Posing as a governess, the undercover agent finds herself falling in love with the ship’s chaplain (Edward Atterton).

In a stunning discovery, the lovers suddenly find themselves enemies of war. And when a massive explosion deals a deathblow to the ship, their battle becomes one for their own survival. With a dynamic, international cast and a story line that hosts a chilling tale of espionage, politics and romance, Britannic brings one of history’s most devastating events to riveting, new life. Edward Atterton, Amanda Ryan, Jaqueline Bisset, Bruce Payne, John Rhys-Davies

Cast of characters

  • Edward Atterton … Reynolds
  • Amanda Ryan … Vera Campbell
  • Jacqueline Bisset (Murder on the Orient Express [1974]) … Lady Lewis
  • Ben Daniels … Townsend
  • John Rhys-Davies (Raiders of the Lost Ark; Lord of the Rings) … Captain Barrett
  • Bruce Payne … Doctor Baker
  • Alex Ferns … Stoker Evans
  • Eleanor Oakley … Sarah Lewis
  • Archie Davies … William Lewis
  • Ed Stobart … Mayfield
  • Adam Bareham … Radio Operator
  • David Lumsden … German Radio Operator
  • Wolf Kahler (Raiders of the Lost Ark) … Captain Kruger
  • Philip Rham … Jurgens
  • Daniel Coonan … Seamus
  • Daniel Tatarsky … Martin
  • Martin Savage … Sweeney
  • Francis Magee … Reilly
  • Niven Boyd … Captain Helm
  • David Begg … Armed Sailor
  • John Atkins … Guard
  • Sean Baker … Colonel Marston
  • Susannah Wise … Nurse

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