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A Girl a Guy and a Gob


A Girl a Guy and a Gob (1941) starring George Murphy, Lucille Ball, Edmond O’Brien

A Girl a Guy and a Gob is a comedy romantic triangle. Hijinks ensue when a pert stenography is pursued by both her stuffy boss and a foot-loose sailor.

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The guy is Edmond O’Brien, playing Steve, a shy shipping magnate. The girl is Lucille Ball, playing Dot, a down-to-earth, bright-as-a-penny executive assistant. The gob (sailor slang for swabbie) is George Murphy, playing Coffee Cup, a light-on-his-feet soon-to-be-former Navy man who plays all the angles with heart to spare. Together, they make three sides of a triangle that sparks more laughs and affection than tension and division.

When Steve and Dot have a meet-cute (she accidentally steals his opera box seats and drops her purse on his head), her sense and sensibility, along with her You Can’t Take It with You-style clan prove the tonic that Steve needs to escape his shell. When Dot’s fiancé, Coffee Cup, arrives on leave from the Navy, he proves more comrade than complication, and a delight of confusions ensues as each tries to do right by the other. The hand of silent-comedy king Harold Lloyd is felt throughout this fine, fizzy film.

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