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Reveille with Beverly

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Reveille with Beverly (1943) starring Ann Miller
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Reveille with Beverly (1943) starring Ann Miller

In Reveille with Beverly, a receptionist dreams of disc jockey stardom. She befriends a millionaire and his driver.


In short, Reveille with Beverly is an excuse for a lot of very memorable musical numbers. It’s wrapped around the story of a young lady named Beverly who wants to become a disc jockey.

Ann Miller as the title character in Reveille with Beverly
Ann Miller as the title character in Reveille with Beverly

Beverly Ross (Ann Miller) runs the switchboard at a local radio station. Her not-very-secret desire is to be a radio personality. The blustery station owner (Tim Ryan) has no interest in the “jive music” that Beverly loves. He prefers the classics. With a little bit of manipulation, she sends the early-morning radio personality (Franklin Pangborn) away for a vacation. While he’s gone, she transforms his dull classical-music program into a jive session.

She invites suggestions and requests, and is swamped by mail from soldiers. She now devotes her show to the military, and the program becomes a success as “Reveille with Beverly.” Much of the film consists of musical numbers, each representing a song she’s playing. The thin story connecting the songs concerns itself with Beverly and Lewis vying for control of the show. This results in the running joke of Beverly constantly leaving and returning to her old job at a record store.


Reveille with Beverly is a fun, sweet, enjoyable, patriotic comedy. Ann Miller is nevery more likeable, and the music is fast and fun. Enjoy!

Songs in Reveille with Beverly

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Beverly Ross moderates an 5:30 am radio show with swing music, dedicated to the local servicemen. Two buddies of her brother have a chance to meet her and both fall in love. One of them is a wealthy sponsor, the other used to be his chauffeur, but before she can decide, which of them she likes more, the soldiers have their marching orders and are away to their destination.

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