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The Love God?

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The Love God? starring Don Knotts
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The Love God? (1969) starring Don Knotts, Anne Francis, James Gregory

Synopsis of The Love God

A quiet bird watching magazine is about to go bankrupt.  Rescue comes unexpectedly in the form of … a pornographer! His new “partner” needs the magazine’s printing permit, and makes the bird watcher the figurehead for his porn empire.  And, incidentally, a crusader for the first amendment?

Review of The Love God?

The Love God? is a very funny Don Knotts comedy — with a twist.  Not only does Don play his nervous everyman character, but it’s a satire as well.  It makes fun of the “adult” magazine market, the government, and the media.

The basic plot has Don Knotts play a mild-mannered bird magazine publisher.  A publisher’s who’s about to go out of business due to declining sales.  But coincidentally, a Playboy-style magazine publisher needs to “partner” with an existing magazine publish, to continue publishing.

Despite his reservations, he agrees …  And the government decides to make him an example, smearing him as a “smut merchant”, taking him to court, etc.  The courtroom scene with James Gregory’s hilarious.  Amid all this, he’s trying to keep his relationship with his girl-next-door girlfriend.  And, there’s a romantic triangle with Anne Francis as well.

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Product Description of The Love God? starring Don Knotts

The Love God? starring Don Knotts

Abner Peacock’s (Don Knotts) beloved bird-watcher’s magazine, “The Peacock,” is in financial crisis. Desperate to stay afloat, Abner takes on new partners who have an agenda of the own: to publish a sexy gentleman’s magazine. Before he can stop them, the first issue sells over 40 million copies, and Abner becomes the unwilling spokesman for First Amendment rights. Swept up in adulation, the unwitting playboy quickly begins settling into the swinging bachelor lifestyle in this quirky comedy featuring the lovable actor at his best.

Quotes from The Love God? starring Don Knotts

  • Abner Audubon Peacock IV (Don Knotts): B-But I wouldn’t know the first thing about publishing filth.
    Shrader: You’re young, you can learn!

  • Osborn Tremaine: When will the government stop interfering with private business?

  • Atty. Gen. Frederick Snow: If you love your country, you’ll publish a filthy magazine.

  • Atty. Gen. Frederick Snow: Look at his body – thin, wasted away by the dissipation and debauchery of a life of unspeakable orgies and depravity!

  • Lisa LaMonica: Cool it, boys, I’m just slumming.

  • Lisa LaMonica: The public wants sex, sex and more sex!

  • Evelyn Tremaine: That’s the dirtiest thing I ever heard in my life!

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