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The Andy Griffith Show season 4 episode guide

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The Andy Griffith Show episode guide – season 4
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The Andy Griffith Show season 4 episode guide, starring Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Ron Howard.

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Opie, The Birdman

Opie decides to raise a nest of baby birds after accidentally killing their mother with his new slingshot and ends up learning one of the hardest lessons of motherhood in the process.
Top 10 Favorite “Andy Griffith Show”episode
“One of the greatest episodes in TV history.” — TV Guide

Original airdate 9/30/1963

The Haunted House

Barney is sent into a reputed “haunted” house to retrieve Opie’s baseball and sees things that make even the skeptical Andy wonder if there really are ghosts until Andy discovers who’s really doing the haunting. Original airdate: 10/07/1963

Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army

When Ernest T. Bass is denied from joining the army, he blames Andy and threatens to break every window in Mayberry. When Andy learns the real reason for Ernest’s denial, he finds a solution that benefits everyone … except Barney. Original airdate: 10/14/1963

The Sermon for Today

A visiting minister preaches the importance of relaxation and inspires Aunt Bee, Andy and Barney to throw a Sunday afternoon band concert. When it ends up being more work than they imagined, it leaves them wondering if they’ll ever have time to relax again. Original airdate: 10/21/1963

Brisco Declares for Aunt Bee

While having dinner at the Taylor household, mountain man Brisco Darling mistakes Aunt Bee’s usual hospitality for affection and whisks her away to his cabin to marry her, quite against her wishes. But when Aunt Bee takes it upon herself to “civilize” him, he wonders if hospitality is all it’s cracked up to be. Original airdate: 10/28/1963

Gomer the House Guest

Andy lets Gomer move in after he loses his job at the gas station and instantly regrets it after Gomer’s night habits prove to be more than the Taylors can take. Now Andy must find a way to get Gomer’s job back, or never sleep again. Original airdate: 11/04/1963

A Black Day for Mayberry

All of Mayberry turns out to welcome a truck carrying gold to Fort Knox as it passes through town. When Barney sneaks a closer look at the loot, however, he sees that there may not be as much to celebrate as everyone thought. Original airdate: 11/11/1963

Opie’s Ill-Gotten Gain

Opie finally gets a good grade in math, and Andy is so proud that he tells everyone in town. But when Opie’s teacher tells him that she made a mistake and his grade is actually an F, he goes home to tell Andy the bad news, only to find that Andy has bought him a shiny new bicycle. Original airdate: 11/18/1963

A Date for Gomer

A Date for Gomer — happy ending. Note the handkerchief that Barney is holding for the bloody nose that Thelma Lou gave him

Thelma Lou’s bachelorette cousin is coming to Mayberry for the town dance, and Barney decides to set her up with Gomer. On the big night, they all meet up at Thelma Lou’s and everything seems to be going great, until Gomer suddenly disappears. Original airdate: 11/25/1963

Up in Barney’s Room

Barney has an argument with his landlady Mrs. Mendelbright and gets evicted. After moving into the courthouse and having no luck finding a new place, he decides to mend fences with Mrs. Mendelbright, only to find that she has decided to sell the house and run away to get married to her new tenant. Original airdate: 12/02/1963

Citizen’s Arrest

In The Andy Griffith Show episode, "Citizen's Arrest", drunken Otis teases Barney mercilessly for being in jail

A minor argument between Barney and Gomer over a traffic ticket erupts into an all-out feud that leads to reckless driving, staged burglaries, and eventually Barney’s resignation from the force.

Can Andy get the two friends to make up before things really get out of hand?
Top-10 favorite “Andy Griffith Show” episode.
Original airdate: 12/16/1963

Opie and His Merry Men

Opie and his friends decide to play Robin Hood to a friendly hobo that they meet in the local woods and take food from their own cupboards to give to him. Andy decides to meet the man and ends up teaching them all a lesson in who the rich and the poor really are. Original airdate 12/30/1963

Barney and the Cave Rescue

The day of the town picnic, Barney watches as Andy and Helen go wandering into a cave just before the entrance collapses. he quickly rallies the town to their rescue, not realizing that Andy and Helen have already found a way out. Original airdate: 1/06/1964

Andy and Opie’s Pal

After becoming jealous of the attention Andy gives to the new boy in town, Opie comes to Andy wrapped in bandages and tells him he and the new boy got into a vicious fight. One peek under Opie’s bandages, however, tells Andy the fight may not have been as bloody, or as real, as Opie says. Original airdate: 1/13/1964

Aunt Bee the Crusader

Aunt Bee’s friend Mr. Frisby tells her that his house is about to be demolished to make way for a new highway. She decides to help her friend and campaigns to halt the county’s plans, despite the fact that Andy is the one who must serve the eviction. Original airdate: 1/20/1964

Barney’s Sidecar

Barney buys an antique motorcycle in order to set a speed trap for speeding truckers on Highway 6. After Barney makes a complete nuisance of himself to all of Mayberry, Andy realizes that the answer may be to make the motorcycle more valuable to the town than to Barney. Original airdate: 1/27/1964

My Fair Ernest T. Bass

Andy is called to arrest Ernest T. Bass once again for disturbing one of Mrs. Wiley’s socials. Sympathizing with his search for true love, Andy and Barney teach him how to act like a gentleman and bring him to Mrs. Wiley’s next social. But when Ernest falls for Mrs. Wiley’s niece, his true colors shine through. Original airdate: 2/03/1964

Prisoner of Love

While guarding a gorgeous jewel thief one night, Andy nearly falls for her seductive charms. He decides to go home and leaves Barney to guard her for the night. But when it suddenly occurs to Andy what the jewel thief’s real plans are, he realizes that he may not be able to warn Barney in time. Original airdate: 2/10/1964

Hot Rod Otis

Hot Rod Otis - The Andy Griffith Show season 4 - Don Knotts, Hal Smith, Andy Griffith

Andy and Barney are horrified to learn that Otis, the town drunk, has just bought a new car. After he passes out one night after a party, Afraid that he’ll drive while intoxicated and kill himself, Andy and Barney put him in his usual jail cell and pretend that he is dead to teach him a lesson. Little do they know that Otis may have already learned it. Original airdate: 2/17/1964

The Song Festers

When Gomer replaces Barney in the Mayberry choir, Barney is heartbroken. Gomer hears about this and feigns illness so that Barney can sing the night of the recital. But when Barney’s pride gets in the way, the big performance threatens to become a big disaster. Original airdate: 2/24/1964

The Shoplifters

Andy and Barney must find a shoplifter that’s been hitting Ben Weaver’s store, so Barney volunteers to dress up as a mannequin. He ends up accusing a little old lady and is ridiculed for another of his famous blunders by everyone except Andy, who believes he might be on to something. Original airdate: 3/02/1964

Andy’s Vacation

Andy decides to take a vacation in the mountains and leaves Barney to guard a prisoner that the state police have brought in. Inevitably, the prisoner escapes Barney’s grasp and flees into the mountains — the very same mountains that Andy is vacationing in. Original airdate: 3/09/1964

Andy Saves Gomer

After Andy extinguishes a small fire that started at the filling station while Gomer was napping, Gomer believes that Andy saved his life and makes a pest of himself trying to repay the debt. Andy decides to stage an accident and let Gomer “rescue” him, but it’s Gomer that ends up needing the rescuing. Original airdate: 3/16/1964

Bargain Day

Aunt Bee decides to buy 150 pounds of beef at a discount from a new butcher in town. She also buys a discount freezer to put it in, which immediately breaks down. With her beef about to go bad, she learns that the only one in town with a freezer big enough to save her beef is her original butchr. Original airdate: 3/23/1964

Divorce – Mountain Style

Charlene Darling returns to Mayberry and announces that she has divorced her husband and now, according to folklore, must marry Andy. Desperate for a way out, Andy reads up on mountain folklore and finds a peculiar ritual that will void the marriage, if only he can get Barney to ride the horse. Original airdate: 3/30/1964

A Deal is a Deal

When Opie and his friends are scammed into selling a useless skin ointment, Barney and Gomer try to help by convincing the company that their product is more valuable than they think. When the scheme backfires, however, the whole gang learns a lesson in the art of the deal. Original airdate: 4/06/1964

Fun Girls

Helen and Thelma Lou and horrified to see Andy and Barney escorting a couple of “fun girls” from Mount Pilot the night before the big dance. The boys know that they were innocently making sure that the “girls” got home alright, but it will take some fancy two-stepping at the dance to get Helen and Thelma Lou to believe it. Original airdate: 4/13/1964

The Return of Malcolm Merriweather

Everybody’s favorite Englishman Malcolm Merriweather stops by Mayberry once again. This time, he’s having trouble finding money to finish his bicycle tour of America. Andy decides to hire him to help Aunt Bee around the house, but Malcolm only succeeds in making her feel useless. Original airdate: 4/20/1964

The Rumor

After Barney sees Andy and Helen kissing in a jewelry store, he becomes convinced that they are secretly engaged and decides to throw a surprise engagement party, much to the chagrin of the un-engaged Andy and Helen. Original airdate: 4/27/1964

Barney and Thelma Lou, Phffit

After an off-hand comment puts Barney in the doghouse with Thelma Lou, he sees her spending her fee time with Gomer instead. Not wanting to hurt his friend, Gomer tries to get her to stop seeing him by falsely professing his love, but ends up engaged to her instead! Original airdate: 5/04/1964

Back to Nature

While on a camping trip with Opie and his friends, Barney brags to Gomer about his outdoor skills and promptly gets them lost in the woods. When Andy finally does find them, he and Gomer hatch a plan to save Barney the embarrassment and prove to everyone what a mountain man he really is. Original airdate: 5/11/1964

Gomer Pyle, U.S..M.C.

Gomer decides to join the marines, and Andy helps out by secretly convincing the drill instructor that Gomer is the son of a decorated general. The drill instructor takes Gomer under his wing and gets him to pass the inspection with flying colors, only to find out later the truth behind Gomer’s lineage. Pilot episode for the successful spin-off series, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Original airdate: 5/18/1964

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