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The Andy Griffith Show season 3 episode guide

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The Andy Griffith Show episode guide – season 3 (1962-1963)
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The Andy Griffith Show season 3 episode guide (1962-1963)

The Andy Griffith Show season 3 continues with the existing cast – Andy, Opie, Barney, Floyd and the rest. And they make a very important addition — Andy’s future love interest, Helen Krump!

Opie’s Rival

Opie becomes jealous when his father Andy appears to be paying ‘too much’ attention to a pretty girl, the county nurse—even taking her fishing with them.

Andy and Opie – Bachelors

Andy and Opie try to cope when Aunt Bee is away by letting Andy’s girlfriend, Peggy, cook and do chores.

Mr. McBeevee

Andy meets Mr. McBeevee in "The Andy Griffith Show"

Is Opie’s new friend, Mr. McBeevee, “a man that walks around in the trees, blows smoke out of his ears,wears a shiny silver hat” and has “twelve extra hands” imaginary … or not?

Andy’s Rich Girlfriend

Barney gets Andy to think that his rich girlfriend, Peggy, is out of his league.

The Fun Girls

After Andy and Peggy have a lover’s quarrel, and Barney tries to console Andy by setting them up with a date with the Fun Girls from Mount Pilot—their first appearance in the series.

Andy and the New Mayor

Andy doesn’t get along with Mayberry’s new mayor.

The Cow Thief

A very funny, and sweet, episode, as the new mayor doesn’t trust Andy, and brings in a crime expert—and the impressionable Barney has to decide where his loyalty lies.

Floyd, the Gay Deceiver

Floyd pretends to be a wealthy man in order to impress his pen pal, a widow.

The Mayberry Band

The mayor prohibits the Mayberry Band from playing at the state capitol since they play so poorly—until Andy comes up with a plan …

Lawman Barney

Barney loses his confidence when two farmers ignore his orders to stop selling produce illegally.

Convicts at Large

Three female convicts escape, hole up in a cabin, and take Barney and Floyd hostage.

The Bed Jacket

Aunt Bee wants a bed jacket for her birthday, but Andy doesn’t pick up on her obvious hints …

Barney and the Governor

Barney writes the Governor a traffic ticket, and refuses to tear it up … so it’s Otis to the rescue?

Man in a Hurry

Malcolm Tucker, Sheriff Andy Taylor, Barney Fife sing "The Little Brown Church" - one of the sweetest moments in "Man in a Hurry"

One of the best episodes of the entire series, where a too-busy businessman’s car breaks down in Mayberry, and he gets a taste of life in the slow lane.

The Bank Job

Trying to prove how lax the security is at the bank, Barney stages a phony bank robbery … and someone else pays attention.

One-Punch Opie

Opie’s friends are influenced by a tough new kid, and Opie must stand up to him.

High Noon in Mayberry

A former convict is on his way back to Mayberry, and Barney fears for Andy’s safety … since Andy arrested him years before, and sent him to prison.

The Loaded Goat

Andy and Barney must deal with a goat that’s eaten dynamite, before the situation turns explosive

Class Reunion

Andy and Barney attend their high school reunion, and Andy reunites with his old girlfriend, and realizes why they never got married …

Rafe Hollister Sings

Farmer Rafe Hollister has a beautiful singing voice—better than Barney’s! But the mayor fears that he’s too unsophisticated to represent the town.

Opie and the Spoiled Kid

Opie meets a spoiled child, who’s bad habits are starting to rub off on him … until his father intervenes, and shares a lesson with the kid’s father.

The Great Filling Station Robbery

Investigating a robbery at Wally’s filling station, Andy doesn’t think that the likely suspect is guilty …

Andy Discovers America

Andy discourages Opie and his friends from studying history, and the new school teacher (Helen Krump’s first appearance) is hurt, and Andy has to repair the damage.

Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man

Aunt Bee falls for a fast-talking medicine man, and shares his “elixir” with the ladies’ church group — but the elixir is 85% alcohol!

The Darlings Are Coming

The first appearance of the Darling clan, where the betrothed Darling daughter develops a crush on Andy.

Andy’s English Valet

The first appearance of Malcolm Merriweather (Bernard Fox) as the English tourist who has to work off his fine as Andy’s valet.

Barney’s First Car

Barney's First Car - The Andy Griffith Show

Barney invests his life savings to buy his first car from a “little old lady”—and purchases a royal lemon.

The Rivals

Opie needs to get over a crush on a young girl, so Barney’s girlfriend Thelma Lou showers him with attention—and Barney doesn’t like it!  Not when Opie develops a crush on Thelma Lou…

A Wife for Andy

Barney tries to set up Andy with Opie’s teacher, Helen Krump; Andy likes her, but Barney doesn’t once he realizes she doesn’t cook and plans to keep working after marriage! So, he parades a bevy of Mayberry’s beauties through Andy’s living room!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

A classic episode, where Barney’s soft nature is highlighted, as he rescues a pack of dogs and keeps them in the courthouse, just as Andy is trying to impress an inspector.

Mountain Wedding

The Darlings return, and Ernest T. Bass is chasing after Charlene.

The Big House

Barney’s prisoners play on his insecurities and escape from “the rock.”

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