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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
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Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (1965)

A damaged cyborg fights off Martian invaders in Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.


Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster is a weird mashup of Frankenstein, Westworld, and Mars Needs Women. No, seriously! The “Frankenstein” of the title is a malfunctioning android, that’s supposed to go on a deep space mission. But, he’s shot down by the incoming Martian craft. Apparently, after an atomic war there, all of the women have been killed. Except for their princess. And, even though she’s very valuable, she’s commanding the invasion craft. To kidnap Earth women to take back to Mars. About “Frankenstein”:

Karen Grant: What would he do?
Dr. Adam Steele: I don’t know. It would depend on what had happened to him. If he’d had any bad experiences, he might react violently… out of his built in self-preservation unit. Anything could happen.
Karen Grant: What you’re saying is that he could turn into a… Frankenstein.


It’s safe to say that Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster isn’t the worst film of all time. But it’s clearly not a good film, either. The “space monster” (named Mull) is used primarily to frighten Karen Grant, once she’s taken captive. At the conclusion, it fights with “Frankenstein” for roughly 30 seconds or so. It’s one of those cheesy movies that you watch with friends … To mock mercilessly.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.


  • None of the kidnapped Earth girls seem frightened in the least. They all dutifully go into the alien ship without any question, or hesitation. The only person struggling is Karen.


  • Marilyn Hanold (The Brain that Wouldn’t Die) … Princess Marcuzan
  • James Karen (The Pursuit of Happyness) … Dr. Adam Steele
  • Lou Cutell (Honey I Shrunk the Kids) … Dr. Nadir, the Princess’ right-hand Martian.
  • Nancy Marshall … Karen Grant
  • David Kerman … Gen. Bowers
  • Robert Reilly … Col. Frank Saunders / Frankenstein

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When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet’s women, it’s up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock.

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