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Son of Paleface

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Son of Paleface, starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers
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Son of Paleface (1952) starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers

Movie review of Son of Paleface.  Bob Hope‘s sequel to Paleface, again co-starring Jane Russell – as the son of the original Paleface, doing a screwball comedy set in the old American West.  It’s vintage Bob Hope, and that’s saying quite a bit.   A very funny movie, and well worth watching.

Editorial review of Son of Paleface | starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers, courtesy of

Son of Paleface, starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers

Bob Hope returned to the wild West in Son of Paleface, mining the rootin’ shootin’ genre for gag after gag. Hope plays Junior Potter–another variation on his lascivious, cowardly, yet somehow endearing persona — a college boy who’s come to California seeking his father’s hidden gold. What he finds is an empty treasure chest, a pile of unpaid bills, vengeful Indians, buxom Jane Russell (as a saloon girl by day, wily bandit by night), and singing cowboy Roy Rogers.

It’s prime silliness, an ancestor to movies like Airplane! that never let a moment go by without an absurd joke. Russell sashays about in spectacular form-fitting outfits, Rogers yodels a few tunes, and Hope snivels and wheedles his way out of endless scrapes. Good-natured slapstick (though its depiction of Native Americans will raise the hackles on politically correct viewers). —Bret Fetzer

Product Description of Son of Paleface

Four years after his hit comedy The Paleface Bob Hope returned to the screen as Junior Potter son of Painless Peter Potter the hapless hero of the first film. The Harvard-bred Junior heads out west to claim his father’s inheritance. Returning for the sequel but in a different role is Jane Russell (The Outlaw) as an outlaw named Mike who continually has to save our hapless hero. Also starring in the sequel is the King of the Cowboys himself Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger who portray themselves. Hope teams with the pair to help get to the sequel is the Oscar-winning song Buttons and Bows.”

Co-writer and director Frank Tashlin a former cartoonist and screenwriter of the first Paleface also worked with Hope on The Private Navy of Sgt O’Farrell and wrote and directed several Jerry Lewis films such as Cinderfella and The Geisha Boy. System Requirements:Starring: Bob Hope Jane Russell Roy Rogers Iron Eyes Cody and Trigger. Running Time: (approx.) 95 mins/color. Copyright: 1952 Columbia Pictures

Funny movie quotes from Son of Paleface

Jane Russell: My name is Mike.
Junior Potter (Bob Hope): A pretty masculine handle for such a feminine pile of goods.

Cast of characters in Son of Paleface

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