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Bob Hope the road well-traveled


Bob Hope The Road Well-TraveledIn short, — €œBob Hope The Road Well-Traveled — € is a well-researched biography of Bob Hope by someone who clearly despises him, and tries to display everything in the most negative light possible.

The purpose of Family Friendly Movies is to share reviews of family-friendly movies and books.  Sadly, Bob Hope The Road Well-Traveled is not family-friendly.  Worse, it’s a biography of Bob Hope written by someone who clearly despises Bob Hope. It’s a very slanted book. If this book were all that you had to rely on, you would think that Bob Hope was an unfunny, back-stabbing comedian. A man whose radio, movie, and television careers were a series of flops.   In addition, the author (Lawrence J. Quirk) sees everything through the lens of a homosexual activist.  Every major character in Bob Hope’s life was either a homosexual, a repressed homosexual, or someone who blindly hates homosexuals.  Sometimes, all at the same time.

The majority of the quotes in the book are anonymous, leaving me with a strong doubt as to their accuracy.   In addition, much of the language in the book involves words that I wouldn’t use in polite company.

In short, I don’t recommend this to anyone — €”this review is written as a warning.   I bought a copy at a used book sale at a local library for ten cents. Frankly, I paid too much.


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