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The Long Long Trailer

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The Long, Long Trailer (1953) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz
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The Long, Long Trailer Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, as a newlywed couple who travel the country in a trailer. Which adds to the stress of being newlyweds, since neither’s lived in a trailer before. Will their marriage survive?

The Long Long Trailer (1953) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz

Buy from Amazon The basic plot of The Long, Long Trailer is that Tacy Collins (Lucille Ball) and Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Carlos Collini (Desi Arnaz) are engaged to be married.  Although Nicky wants to use their saving as a down payment on a house. But Tacy wants instead to purchase a trailer home. Nicky’s job has him spending a lot of time on the road, and this way she could be near him.  

Nicky gives in, they purchase a trailer home, get married, and begin life on the road. Of course, that’s when life gets interesting.  Between learning how to drive a car with this enormous trailer towed behind him, and Lucy’s directions (such as “Right here!” “You didn’t wait for me to finish!  I was trying to say, ‘€œRight here, turn left!'”), stresses build – but all ends happily ever after.

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Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz live slaphappily ever after as newlyweds honeymooning in The Long, Long Trailer, breezily directed by Vincente Minnelli. They quickly find that the interior of a moving trailer is ideal for tossing a Caesar salad – and everything else. That backing up their 40-foot, three-ton home is only a little more difficult than threading a needle wearing boxing gloves. And that trailer-park folks are neighborly sorts who turn the lovebirds’ rig into the wrong, wrong trailer by crashing the wedding night.

Lucy and Desi at a trailer show in "The Long Long Trailer"

Costarring comedy pros Marjorie Main and Keenan Wynn (Ball’s frequent costar in her M-G-M days), this smash was filmed at the height of the I Love Lucy craze and is packed with the inventive sight gags and physical humor that made the series a TV landmark. If you like the Trailer, you’re going to love the movie!

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