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Blondie: It’s a Great Life

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Blondie: It's a Great Life (1943) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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Blondie: It’s a Great Life (1943) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Buy from Amazon In Blondie: It’s a Great Life, Dagwood mistakenly buys a horse …

Comedy Highlights

  • Reggie the horse at the office building.
  • Dagwood and Blondie each dreaming about Reggie being mistreated …. And Dagwood leaps across dreams to the rescue!
  • Dagwood falling asleep as he’s singing Cookie to sleep.
  • After Reggie’s reappeared at the Bumsteads, everyone’s looking for him. So Daisy leads him into the house!
  • As J.C. Dithers is leading Mr. Martin through the house to show that Reggie the horse isn’t there …. He opens a closet door and there’s Reggie! And poor Daisy faints!
  • To rescue Daisy, Alexander accidentally releases the fox.
  • Reggie, after Mr. Dithers accidentally feeds him tea, dashes off – with Dagwood riding!
  • At the conclusion of the fox hunt, Dagwoood’s the only rider not thrown from the horse. And with Reggie & Daisy’s help, he brings back the fox.
  • Blondie convinces Mr. Dithers to not only rehire Dagwood, but make him a partner, in a bit of “gentle” blackmail.
  • At the end of the movie, Reggie speaks! He thanks Daisy for all of her help …. And Daisy speaks to the audience, “Can you beat that! A talking horse!”



Dagwood: Sometimes I think that horse understands everything I say. 
Blondie: Then he’s smarter than I am.

Dagwood: Mr. Martin, haven’t I seen you someplace?
Collender Morton: Could be — I’ve been someplace!

Blondie: Dagwood, did you leave the light on in the kitchen? 
Dagwood: No, I know I didn’t. 
Blondie: Then maybe it’s burglars. Call down and ask them. 
Dagwood: [Starts to call out then stops, turns to Blondie] What if somebody answers me? 

Blondie: [about the giant sandwich that Alexander made in the middle of the night] Certainly not! A sandwich like that could kill somebody! Let your father eat it.

Blondie: [as Mr. Dithers is about to punch Dagwood] Not in front of Alexander.

Mr. Dithers: Now everybody act as though you don’t know anything. [to Dagwood] For you, that should be easy.

Timothy Brewster: Mr. Bumstead, I’d like to shake your hand.
Alvin: Why not? The rest of him is shaking!


  • The first of two Blondie movies to feature guest star Hugh Herbert. The second is Blondie in the Dough (1947)
  • Marjorie Ann Mutchie’s debut as Cookie Bumstead.

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