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Blondie Meets the Boss

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Blondie Meets the Boss (1939) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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Buy from Amazon In Blondie Meets the Boss, Blondie takes over Dagwood’s job while he plays hookey, going off on a fishing trip. Which leads to a series of misunderstandings …

Blondie Meets the Boss (1939) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake


  • The mailman, trying to train the new mailman by showing him where not to stand in front of the Bumstead’s — and get run over by Dagwood!
  • Rather than being humiliated by having his vacation cancelled, Dagwood threatens to resign. And Mr. Dithers takes him up on it!
  • The office guys give Dagwood a “going away” present — thinking he’s going on vacation, not realizing he’s been fired.
  • Blondie goes to get Dagwood’s job back, while he’s being humiliated at home doing housework. And Mr. Dithers wants Blondie to take over his job, to teach Dagwood a lesson.
  • Blondie’s sister arrives, for an unexpected visit, expecting to find an empty house. With her jitterbug partner, Freddie. And Daisy hides in the cupboard when she thinks she hears burglars.

Fishing trip

  • Baby Dumpling trying to hold Dagwood back, as he’s leaving to go fishing.
  • Dagwood’s henpecked neighbor Marvin takes him on a fishing trip — complete with two girls! And Dagwood’s completely uncomfortable, as Marvin tries to set him up with Francine.
  • Blondie comes home to find everyone jitterbugging — even Daisy!

Back home

  • There’s a very sweet moment, as Dagwood sneaks home in the middle of the night. Blondie pretends to be asleep, they talk it out and reconcile.
  • The next morning, Blondie finds a strange camera in Dagwood’s fishing box, with the initials “F.R.” setting Blondie’s jealousy off.
  • And Blondie dashes out the door, knocking over the poor mailman! But, she leaves a kiss on his cheek.
  • Blondie’s working late, Dagwood’s at a pool hall, and Dot & Freddie are late for their jitterbug contest. So they take Baby Dumpling & Daisy along!

At the nightclub

  • Both Dagwood & Blondie go to the nightclub for different reasons. And so’s Francine! Dagwood sneaks in Baby Dumpling & Daisy — causing a couple to give up drinking! Blondie misunderstands Francine talking with Dagwood — and knocks him out cold! In the process, she leaves Dithers’ telegram about buying the Philpot property …. And it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Dagwood, unsteady, stumbles onto the dance floor, and wins the dance contest with Dot!

Back home again

  • Blondie’s back home, packing her bags & planning to leave Dagwood. She’s trying to explain to Baby Dumpling, who unwittingly explains the innocent photo of Francine with Dagwood. “We don’t want Daddy to know we didn’t trust him.” So they all unpack — including Daisy!
  • When Dagwood comes home, the trouble resurfaces …. And there’s a cute fight over who’s leaving first!


  • Dagwood & Blondie try to buy the important property …. But fail.
  • Then Mr. Dithers arrives — and the deal’s fallen through! He doesn’t want the property. “Nobody in the world could mess up a right deal like you!” He’s so happy, Dagwood’s rehired, and they’re finally going on their vacation.

Cast of characters

  • Penny Singleton (Blondie!) … Blondie Bumstead
  • Arthur Lake (Beware of Blondie) … Dagwood Bumstead
  • Larry Simms (Blondie’s Hero) … Baby Dumpling
  • Jonathan Hale (Blondie Goes to College) … J. C. Dithers
  • Danny Mummert (Blondie Goes Latin) … Alvin Fuddle
  • Daisy (Blondie’s Holiday) … Daisy
  • Dorothy Moore (Blondie!) … Dot Miller. Blondie’s sister, who arrives for an unexpected visit.
  • Don Beddoe (Blondie on a Budget) … Marvin Williams. Dagwood’s next-door neighbor who talks him into going fishing.
  • Dorothy ComingoreFrancine Rogers. The young lady at the fishing cabin that has her eyes on Dagwood.
  • Stanley Brown (Blondie’s Blessed Event) … Ollie Shaw. Handsome young man who plans to take Blondie away from Dagwood. And runs for his life from the jealous Freddie!
  • Joel DeanFreddie Turner. Dot’s dance partner, who has a fight with her just before the dance contest. Dagwood to the rescue?
  • Richard Fiske … Nelson
  • Inez Courtney (Suzy) … Betty Lou Wood
  • Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra … Skinnay Ennis Band
  • Skinnay Ennis … Bandleader

Additional cast

  • Eddie Acuff (Blondie’s Holiday)… Pots and Pans Peddler
  • Eugene Anderson Jr. … Newsboy
  • Irving Bacon (Blondie Brings Up Baby) … 1st Mailman
  • Ralph Brooks … Nightclub Patron
  • Mary Jane Carey … Mary
  • George Chandler (Roxie Hart) … Laundryman
  • Wallis Clark … Henry W. Philpot
  • Virginia Dabney … Elderly Man’s Companion
  • Roy Damron … Jitterbug Dancer
  • William B. Davidson (Marked Woman) … Elderly Man in Café
  • Edgar Dearing … Officer McGuire
  • Dick Durrell … Kirk
  • Jay Eaton … Wilson
  • Sarah Edwards (The Bishop’s Wife) … Saleswoman
  • Edward Gargan (Annabel Takes a Tour) … Garden Café Doorman
  • Wesley Giraud … Messenger Boy
  • Ray Hirsch … Jitterbug Dancer
  • Lew Kelly … Mr. Crane
  • Barbara Kent … Jitterbug Dancer
  • Cammie King Conlon … Millie
  • Patti Lacey … Jitterbug Dancer
  • Maurice Max … Chick
  • David Newell … Sanders
  • Sally Payne … Mrs. Williams
  • Walter Sande (I’ll Take Sweden) … 2nd Mailman
  • Walter Soderling … Morgan
  • Robert Sterling (Show Boat) … Office Worker / Man Dancing with Millie
  • Grady Sutton (Having Wonderful Time) … Camera Store Clerk

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