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Life with Blondie

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Life with Blondie (1945) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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Life with Blondie (1945) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

After Daisy chases a neighbor’s cat up a tree, a reporter finds out that Daisy has been voted the Navy’s pin-up dog …. And the article he writes leads to Daisy becoming a celebrity.

Comedy highlight

  • Mr. Dithers, angry at Dagwood leaving important plans out home, says that he could shoot him. Outside construction noise makes Dagwood think he’s been shot! And he reacts appropriately.

Daisy the celebrity

  • Alexander calls Dagwood at work to tell him that Daisy’s on the cover of “Hit” magazine, and she’s a hit all over. Due to the background noise, poor Dagwood thinks Daisy’s been killed by a car. So J. C. Dithers takes Dagwood home …. To find out that Daisy’s alive, well, and “autographing” magazines!
  • Daisy starts being treated like the head of the family … Naturally enough, Dagwood’s offended.
  • In a funny role reversal, Blondie dashes out of the house late (with Daisy in her arms) and knocks over the poor mailman!
  • Gangsters threatening Dagwood to sell them Daisy …. Only for one of them to become parental, and reprove Dagwood for not putting Cookie’s coat on right!
  • Having taken Cookie to the office, the office work comes to a halt as Ollie and the others entertain her with a game of blind man’s bluff.
  • Cookie walking out onto the office building’s ledge! Then, knocking on the door of Mr. Dither’s office window! The comedy comes from Dithers’ and Dagwood’s reaction.


  • Dagwood overhears the photographer talking about “her” beautiful hair, and jealously thinks he’s hitting on Blondie! He barges in, and the man’s talking about Daisy!
  • Dagwood, talked into modeling, posed with lovely models in swimsuits — afraid of Blondie walking in on him. Which is exactly what happens!
  • Daisy, overhearing Dagwood, Alexander, and Cookie, runs away from home. The next day, everyone’s on the verge of tears — even the dog catcher!


  • But, she’s been dog-napped! And the Navy comes to visit Daisy …
  • At the office, Dagwood remembers the name of the club owned by the gangster. And he runs off, holding the briefcase of the man about to loan $100,000 to the Dithers Construction Company!
  • Cookie also remembers, so Blondie, the kids, and the Navy all dash off as well!
  • Dagwood is mistaken as a plastic surgeon at the club — to change poor Daisy’s appearance when they all go on the run!
  • Then, the Navy arrives! And it’s a. very comedic brawl with the gangsters.
  • After the fight, Hazel demands Daisy from Blondie. And off-screen, Blondie knocks her out cold!
  • The gangster is holding Blondie at gunpoint trying to escape. But the semi-conscious Dagwood rescues her!

Funny movie quotes

Blondie: Daisy is not a mutt! She’s a thoroughbred mongrel.

Blondie: It’s not every dog that has a social security number and pays income tax.

Cookie: I may become a juvenile delinquent.

Blondie: You’re right, Dagwood. Nothing matters but the five of us. [The puppies run in] The ten of us!


  • Penny Singleton (Blondie!) … Blondie Bumstead. The level-headed wife and mother. She becomes slightly less level-headed, as she’s in charge of the star … Daisy!
  • Arthur Lake (Blondie’s Holiday) … Dagwood Bumstead. Head of the household, who finds himself becoming jealous of his beloved dog.
  • Larry Simms (Blondie’s Secret) … Alexander Bumstead
  • Marjorie Ann Mutchie (Blondie’s Reward) … Cookie Bumstead. Dagwood and Blondie’s little girl. She feels overlooked as Daisy’s fame grows.
  • DaisyDaisy. The cute mongrel, who becomes the center of attention. And kidnapped! Dognapped?
  • Jonathan Hale (Blondie Knows Best) … J.C. Dithers. Dagwood’s boss, who oddly doesn’t fire Dagwood this time.
  • Ernest Truex (His Girl Friday) … Theodore Glassby, Apex Advertising. The publicity man for Daisy Soap, who turns Daisy into their spokes dog. And it pays $100 for each photo shoot. Much more money than poor Dagwood earns weekly!
  • Marc Lawrence (Diamonds are Forever) … Pete, Blackie’s Henchman
  • Veda Ann Borg (Kid Galahad) … Hazel. Blackie’s girlfriend, who simply must have Daisy for her own.


  • The sixteenth of twenty-eight Blondie movies.
  • The first Blondie movie without Alvin Fuddle. The actor, Danny Mummert, was appearing in It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • Columbia Picture’s 1943 decision to cancel the Blondie series met with protest. Which resulted in Life with Blondie.

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Daisy, the Bumstead dog, is named “pin-up pooch of the year”. Dagwood, jealous of the dog’s life, gets himself into the doghouse with Blondie.

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