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Blondie: Footlight Glamour

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Blondie: Footlight Glamour (1943) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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In Footlight Glamour, Blondie gets bitten by the act bug when an important client’s daughter has written a play – & doesn’t want her to do it!

Blondie: Footlight Glamour (1943) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Buy from Amazon Blondie: Footlight Glamour is an entertaining entry in the Blondie series. This time, it’s Blondie’s turn to cause the havoc. One of J.C. Dithers’ important clients — and friends — is Randolph Wheeler. His daughter has written a play, and wants to star in it, but the client doesn’t want her to do it. But her gold digging boyfriend Jerry does. So, if Dithers and Dagwood can prevent the play, they’ll get the job, and Dagwood a bonus.

Of course, Murphy’s Law is in full effect, and Blondie gets caught up in the glamour of show business. She’s dreaming of being discovered in the play, becoming a famous starlet, etc. And despite Dithers and Dagwood’s efforts, not only is the play going on — Dagwood’s starring in it!

Comedy highlights

  • Everything that can go wrong does when they put on the play. A window won’t open, so the feuding couple can’t hear the nightingale. They play the wrong sound effect — “The nightingale has gone to war.”
  • Dagwood’s rented tuxedo previously belonged to a magician, and during a dramatic scene, all sort of magic props escape. A very funny scene!
    • When Dagwood does a dramatic gesture, and a pigeon appears, Alvin comments, “Well, somebody was going to give him the bird.”
  • When they “bring down the curtain” — it falls on Dagwood!
  • Comedy mixup after the disaster of a play ends, Dagwood mistakenly thinks that Blondie’s run off with Jerry. So, he’s chasing her in a taxi. “Is this trip for business or pleasure?” And, she’s chasing after him in another taxi, since it’s Vicki’s that’s run off.
  • Jerry shows his colors, when Vicki overhears him offering Dagwood a bribe to stay out of it.
  • At the happy ending, Blondie declares that none of the Bumstead’s want anything to do with acting. But Cookie, at the top of the stairs, surrounded by the dogs starts reciting Shakespeare.


Alexander: Bacon … Reminds me of when I was young.
Cookie: I am young, but I don’t have any bacon!

[Dagwood is on stage when a dove flies out of his rented costume]
Alexander: Where did that come from?
Alvin: I don’t know. But, someone was sure to give him the bird.

Cast of characters

Additional Cast

  • Rafael AlcaydeJerry Grant (uncredited). A gold digger, who wants to marry Vicki for her money.
  • Gladys Blake (Scared to Death) … Taxi Driver (uncredited) Driving Blondie in pursuit of Dagwood at the end.
  • Stanley Brown (Blondie Plays Cupid) … Ollie (uncredited)
  • Janet Chapman … Little Girl (uncredited)
  • Elspeth Dudgeon (The Old Dark House) … Frances (uncredited)
  • Fern Emmett … Gossiper (uncredited)
  • James Flavin (King Kong) … Mr. Phillips (uncredited)
  • Thurston Hall (This Land Is Mine) … Randolph Wheeler (uncredited)
  • Grace Hayle … Mrs. Cora Dithers (uncredited)
  • Elmer Jerome … Edwards (uncredited)
  • Lew Kelly (Blondie Meets the Boss) … Carpool Rider (uncredited)
  • Arthur Loft (Scarlet Street) … Mr. Clark (uncredited)
  • Louis Manley … Magician (uncredited)
  • Harold Minjir … Manager (uncredited)
  • William Newell (Our Miss Brooks [movie]) … Taxi Driver #2 (uncredited)
  • Syd Saylor (Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd) … Taxi Driver #1 (uncredited)

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