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The Andy Griffith Show episode guide season 2

The Andy Griffith Show episode guide season 2 (1961-1962)

Opie & the Bully
A bully at Opie’s school keeps taking Opie’s milk money. Andy helps Opie to stand up for himself, taking a punch to the eye with good humor.
Barney’s Replacement
Barney thinks Andy is grooming a replacement deputy.
Andy and the Woman Speeder
A very pretty, very charming young woman from the big city gets a speeding ticket, and thinks she can outsmart Sheriff Taylor.  And she nearly succeeds, using her charms on Barney, Floyd and others to almost get away with it.
Mayberry Goes Bankrupt
The townspeople of Mayberry are shocked when they discover that they owe the downtrodden resident with the eyesore shack a small fortune.
Barney on the Rebound
A pretty young con artist and her husband try to swindle Barney.
Opie’s Hobo Friend
A ne’er-do-well vagrant (played wonderfully by Buddy Ebsen) is a bad influence on Opie.
Crime-Free Mayberry
Andy and Barney are being honored for Mayberry having the lowest crime rate in the nation. However, the Mayberry bank is being burgled while they boys are busy.
The Perfect Female
In a role that Barney is more famous for, Thelma Lou tries to play Cupid, setting Andy up with her cousin, a champion skeet shooter.
Aunt Bee’s Brief Encounter
Aunt Bee falls for a traveling handyman, and Andy tries to prevent her from being hurt.
The Clubmen
Andy and Barney are guests at a meeting of the exclusive Esquire club, but only one of them is invited to join. One of the many cases where Andy does practically anything to spare Barney’s feelings.  A highlight is the very end, when Barney misunderstands the situation and refuses to join the club if they won’t take Andy!
The Pickle Story
Andy Griffith’s favorite episode. Aunt Bee is determined to beat Clara in a homemade pickle contest, but Andy and Opie are afraid to tell her that they taste like kerosene.
Sheriff Barney
When Barney receives an offer to become the sheriff of Greendale, Andy gives Barney a chance to be Sheriff of Mayberry, so he can see if the grass is greener on the other side.
The Farmer Takes a Wife
Farmer Jeff Pruitt (guest star Alan Hale Jr., best known as the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island) comes to town in search of a bride.  He falls for Thelma Lou, driving Barney crazy with jealousy, until Andy tries to convince the farmer that Thelma Lou wants him to be ‘gentlemanly.’ A favorite moment is where Alan Hale Jr. calls Don Knotts “Little Buddy.”
Keeper of the Flame
Opie’s secret club’s meeting place burns down.
Bailey’s Bad Boys
A classic Andy and Opie episode, A spoiled, rich young man (Bill Bixby) ends up in the Mayberry jail and expects his father to bail him out –until he sees Andy forcing Opie to stand on his own two feet.
The Manicurist
A beautiful young lady (guest star Barbara Eden, best known for I Dream of Jeannie) comes into town after breaking up with her boyfriend.  She sets up a manicure booth in a flustered Floyd’s barber shop.  The wives of Mayberry get upset when their husbands line up for manicures by the pretty young lady, and when Andy tries to explain the situation to her, she thinks that he’s trying to propose.
The Jinx

Henry Bennett unfairly gets a reputation as the town jinx. The more Andy tries to dispel the rumor, the worse the situation gets.  Finally, Henry decides to leave town, shaming Floyd, Barney and the other townspeople, who decide to change Henry’s mind by helping him win a charity bazaar … until Henry pulls the very wrong number out of a hat.

The state police bring a special prisoner to be held temporarily in the Mayberry jail, who is soon broken out by his girlfriend on Barney’s watch.  Can Andy recover the prisoner?
A Medal for Opie
Opie is confident he will win a medal in a foot race. When he loses, Andy must teach him about sportsmanship.
Barney and the Choir
Barney fancies himself a wonderful singer, although in reality he’s terrible.  His friends won’t tell him for fear of hurting his feelings, but his solo will ruin the community choir, so Andy convinces him to sing in a whisper so he doesn’t overwhelm the microphone (while someone else sings the solo, unknown to Barney).
Guest of Honor
The townspeople of Mayberry randomly choose the first out-of-state driver to be the guest of honor at Mayberry’s annual Founder’s Day celebration. Unfortunately, the guest of honor turns out to be a convicted pick-pocket.
The Merchant of Mayberry
Andy and Barney help traveling salesman, Bert Miller (played by Sterling Holloway), to set up a stand next to the local department store that is owned by Ben Weaver, Mayberry’s resident Scrooge.
Aunt Bee the Warden
The Mayberry jail is filled with moonshiners, so Otis the town drunk must serve his time at the Taylor’s, under the watchful eye of Aunt Bee.
The County Nurse
Nurse Mary Simpson is trying to get all the farmers inoculated, but the ring leader, Rafe Hollister, refuses. Andy then uses a little reverse psychology by praising Hollister as a martyr.
Andy and Barney in the Big City
While staying in Raleigh, Barney believes he is witnessing a man casing the hotel. Of course, Barney begins tailing the man—the house detective.
Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee
Clara convinces Aunt Bee that Andy is not getting married on account of Bee.  Desperate for a suitor, Bee sets her sites on the town’s unkempt dry cleaner.
Three’s a Crowd
Andy explains to Barney, who tends to stick closer than glue, that he wants to be alone with new girlfriend Mary. Barney jumps to the conclusion that Andy is going to propose and organizes a party.  A recurring theme once Helen is introduced to the series.
The Bookie Barber
A barber from Raleigh sets up shop in Floyd’s barbershop.  When Andy notices that he’s always serving the same three customers, Andy becomes suspicious.
Andy on Trial
A pretty female reporter is hired to dig up dirt on Andy, so she poses as a college student.  Barney, trying to impress her, spouts about how poorly run the sheriff’s office is and how much he would be a better Sheriff than Andy.
Cousin Virgil
Barney’s cousin, Virgil, is a total klutz.  Barney tries to build his cousin’s confidence by giving him simple tasks, which Virgil consistently bungles.  Andy, however, discovers Virgil’s true abilities.
Deputy Otis
A very touching episode.  Otis, the town drunk, is expecting a visit from his brother and sister-in-law from Florida.  They are under the impression that Otis is the town deputy; over Barney’s protests, Andy temporarily deputizes Otis—but Otis’ brother reveals a secret of his own.


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