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A Medal for Opie

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A Medal for Opie - The Andy Griffith Show season 2
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In “A Medal for Opie”, Opie is confident he will win a medal in a foot race. When he loses, Andy must teach him about sportsmanship.

A Medal for OpieThe Andy Griffith Show season 2

  • Some comedy moments as “Barney the Rabbit” trains Opie for the race.
  • And Barney’s “friend” Andy takes the opportunity to embarrass him in front of Opie!
  • A cute moment as Opie prays to God, promising to taking his medal off to take a bath. Which Barney didn’t do when he was a boy. “At least, once in a while”
  • Barney does his long-winded speech at the race. And fires his gun prematurely, nearly deafening Andy! And then accidentally blows his race whistle in Andy’s ear as well.

Opie runs in the race — but doesn’t win. And he’s a very sore loser. And Andy’s fatherly speech about the need to lose gracefully falls on deaf ears.

Opie Taylor: They don’t give you no medal for tryin’.
Andy Taylor: I know that. I know they don’t – and it’s nice to win something. It’s real nice to win something, but it’s more important to know how not to win something.
Opie Taylor: I know how to do that real good.
Andy Taylor: No, you don’t.
Opie Taylor: You mean there’s more things I coulda not won?
Andy Taylor: I mean, you coulda been a nice loser. They call it sportsmanship.

Barney tries to help Opie realize what he looks like. Barney pretends that he’s been turned down for a raise for third time, and throws a tantrum! What he doesn’t know is that Opie’s already apologized to his Pa. Then Opie leaves, not wanting to watch the tantrum.

Barney Fife: Where you goin’?
Opie Taylor: I’m leavin’. You’re a sight.

And then Andy tells him that he didn’t get the raise. Finally, Barney throws a tantrum for real, ending the episode.

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