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Blondie Knows Best

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Blondie Knows Best, starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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Blondie Knows Best (1946) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan, Shemp Howard

In Blondie Knows Best, Dagwood’s best intentions go wrong. He impersonates J. C. Dithers to save a valuable sale, but then has to keep going a little father …

Cast of characters

  • Penny Singleton (The Jetsons) as Blondie Bumstead. She’s the even-headed, kind, loving wife and mother. She tries to keep Dagwood from getting served a subpoena. But she becomes jealous, when she sees Dagwood at the night club with another woman, as he’s impersonating Mr. Dithers.
  • Arthur Lake (Blondie’s Holiday) as Dagwood Bumstead. Bumbling, incompetent, spineless employee of J. C. Dithers. Who is forced to impersonate Mr. Dithers to get a large contract signed.
  • Larry Simms (Blondie Goes Latin) as Baby Dumpling
  • Marjorie Ann Mutchie as Cookie
  • Daisy as Daisy the Dog
  • Steven Geray as Dr. Schmidt
  • Jonathan Hale as J.C. Dithers. The bombastic boss, who gets into a fight on the street with a stranger. The stranger turns out to be Mr. Peabody. A man who was about to sign a sizable contract with the J. C. Dithers Construction Company! Forcing the situation where Dagwood has to impersonate Mr. Dithers, to get the contract signed. And then, he has to take Peabody out on the town!
  • Shemp Howard as Jim Gray. The very near-sighted process server. He has to serve a summons on Dagwood from Mr. Conroy. And it becomes more difficult after he breaks his glasses! Repeatedly. A good use of Shemp’s comedic talents.
  • Jerome Cowan as Charles Peabody. The man who Dithers has insulted, causing Dagwood to impersonate Dithers in order to get a sizable contract. But one lie leads to another ….
  • Danny Mummert as Alvin Fuddle
  • Ludwig Donath as Dr. Titus
  • Arthur Loft as Mr. Conroy. The grumpy new neighbor that Dagwood “helps”. Putting Mr. Conroy’s car through his garage door. And Dagwood then gets sued by him! And he keeps getting ran over by Dagwood as he runs out of the house.


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Dagwood impersonating the boss, is caught in the big lie and loses his job. To make amends he offers himself as a guinea pig to test a new truth serum.

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