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Catwoman Goes to College

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Julie Newmar as Catwoman in "Batman Displays His Knowledge"
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In Catwoman Goes To College, Catwoman (Julie Newmar) is released from prison, and enrolls at Gotham City University …

Catwoman Goes To College / Batman Displays His Knowledge – Batman season 2

In Catwoman Goes To College, Catwoman (Julie Newmar) is released from prison, and claiming she wants to enrich her education, enrolls at Gotham City University.

Just as a leopard can’t change her spots, however, in Batman Displays His Knowledge Catwoman goes ahead with her scheme to steal several Batagonian Cat’s Eye opals, but she has trouble finding someone to fence them since such rare stones would be easily spotted.

Catwoman Goes to College

Funny quotes

  • Robin: Holy caffeine!
  • Catwoman: Fools. Don’t they know that tears are a woman’s most effective weapon?
  • Robin: Holy crystal ball!
  • Captain Courageous: Commissioner, the Batman’s escaped! Tied up a lawyer, and walked out in disguise.
    Commissioner Gordon: Ha ha ha! Good old Batman! No jail can hold him, not even ours. He’s probably at the Batcave already.
  • Batman: Just a second while I retrieve my beanie, my hair, my tweezers, and my notes.
  • Batman: Oh, Catwoman, Catwoman, will you never learn? [Editor’s note: probably not]
  • Catwoman: Cornell, go and get the Catillac and bring it around.


  • Catwoman’s henchmen in this episode are named Penn, Brown, and Cornell – all famous Ivy League universities.
  • The name of the character Captain Courageous came from the title of the Rudyard Kipling novel Captains Courageous.
  • The exterior shots of Gotham Prison are actually the historic Joliet Correctional Center. The distinctive prison is seen in many shows and movies including Prison Break and The Blues Brothers.

Batman Displays His Knowledge

Funny quotes

  • Catwoman: Batman, let’s throw caution to the wind. I mean after all we are two adult human beings and we’re both interested in the same thing. Happiness. I can give you more happiness than anyone in the world.
    Batman: How do you propose to do that?
    Catwoman: By being your partner in life. I mean it’s you and me against the world.
    Batman: What about Robin?
    Catwoman: I’ll have him killed. Painlessly. Well he is a bit of a bore with his ‘holy this’ and ‘holy that’.
  • Robin: [after escaping from yet another life-threatening situation] I don’t know how we do it, Batman.
    Batman: What do you mean?
    Robin: The way we get into these scrapes and get out of them. It’s almost as though someone was dreaming up these situations – guiding our destiny.
    Batman: Things like that only happen in the movies, Robin. This is real life.
    Robin: I guess you’re right.
    Batman: Let’s go.
  • Batman: You’re very beautiful, Catwoman.
    Catwoman: Yes… you’re quite right, I am…
  • [Batman has been lured into a trap by Catwoman]
    Batman: The odds are about right. Four against one…
    Robin: [Robin appears out of nowhere] Four against two Batman!
    Batman: Robin!
    Robin: I couldn’t resist. You were taken in by her, but I’m too young for that sort of thing.
  • Amber Forever: You’re Catwoman!
    Catwoman: In the fur.
  • Batman: So you didn’t tell the truth!
    Catwoman: Did you ever hear of a crook who did?
  • Catwoman: You’re supposed to fall on the floor.
    Batman: You’re attractive, Catwoman, but not that attractive.
  • Robin: Holy hypothesis!
  • Batman: Out of the mouths of Boy Wonders oft times come gems.
  • Catwoman: Now, if you’ll all assume positions of subservience, we can complete this caper with a minimum of jeopardy and danger to all.


  • This was Julie Newmar‘s final appearance as Catwoman. She wouldn’t portray the character again until 2016’s Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.
  • If the living room to the model house looks familiar, it’s because it is part of the set used as Brit Reid’s house in The Green Hornet (1966).
  • The Gotham City Suburb of Norchester is a name pun on Westchester County, a New York City Suburb.

Cast of characters

Additional Cast

  • William Dozier (Batman the Movie) … Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
  • Bill Dyer … Arresting Officer (uncredited)
  • Art Linkletter (Champagne for Caesar) … Art Linkletter (uncredited)

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