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Blondie’s Big Deal

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Blondie's Big Deal (1949) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
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Blondie’s Big Deal (1949) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

In Blondie’s Big Deal, Dagwood invents a fire-resistant paint! And he plans to demonstrate it, by painting Mr. Radcliffe’s house with it …. And then setting it on fire. But, a competitor has switched the paint!

Comedy highlights

  • Dagwood clowning around at the boys’ new gymnasium.
  • Then, Dagwood “demonstrating” boxing with Rollo.
  • Dagwood putting a steak on his black eye …. And “sharing” it with Daisy and her pups, until nothing’s left!
  • Dagwood spinning a fictional story about a schoolhouse on fire …. And Mr. Radcliffe’s totally caught up in it!
  • Dagwood runs over the poor mailman. Coating him in fireproof paint!
  • Ollie, continuing to have a snarky relationship with Dagwood. He goes to burn Dagwood’s handkerchief that’s been covered with it. But it won’t burn!
  • Blondie & Dagwood painting Radcliffe’s cottage. Including Dagwood’s face!
  • Burning down Radcliffe’s cottage!
  • Rollo scamming the competitor’s secretary to quit …. So Blondie can take her place!
  • Blondie being late for the office, running over the poor mailman. Twice in a row!
  • The secretary actually won the radio contest!
  • The competitor’s fire demonstration works. Because Blondie was captured before she could swap the paint.
  • Blondie exposing the crooks plan via recording.
  • Dagwood finally realizing what Alexander Graham Bell invented. A running joke throughout the movie.


  • Penny Singleton (Blondie’s Hero) … Blondie Bumstead. Dagwood’s wife. She goes undercover to get evidence of what the criminals did, to sabotage the fireproof paint demonstration. And gets kidnapped! But not before she’s secretly recorded their admission of guilt!
  • Arthur Lake (Blondie Goes to College) … Dagwood Bumstead. He’s actually created fire-resistant paint! A boon to constructing schools, and other buildings. But, his firm’s competitors want to undercut it …
  • Larry Simms (Blondie’s Blessed Event) … Alexander Bumstead. With his friends, he’s created a gymnasium. A good place for some clownish comedy for Dagwood!
  • Marjorie Ann Mutchie (Blondie’s Secret) … Cookie Bumstead.
  • Jerome Cowan (Blondie Knows Best) … George M. Radcliffe. After Dagwood burns down his fishing cottage, he doesn’t fire him! Instead, he’s going to deduct $10 weekly for the next 20 years to pay for the cottage!
  • Collette Lyons … Norma Addison
  • Wilton Graff … Joe Dillon
  • Ray Walker … Harry Slack
  • Stanley Andrews … Mr. Forsythe
  • Mason Alan Dinehart … Rollo
  • Eddie Acuff (Blondie’s Holiday) … Mr. Beasley. That poor, suffering mailman. Run over by both Dagwood and Blondie in the movie!
  • Jack Rice (Blondie’s Reward) … Ollie
  • Chester CluteMayor A.K. Ramsey. The politician, who technically sets the match & burns down Radcliffe’s cottage!
  • George LloydFire Chief. The fire chief, who didn’t bring any fire extinguishers to the first fireproof paint demonstration.
  • Alyn Lockwood … Mary, Radcliffe’s Secretary
  • Danny Mummert (Blondie on a Budget) … Alvin Fuddle
  • Daisy … Daisy. The Dagwood’s (primary) dog.

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