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Blondie’s Reward

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Blondie's Reward (1948) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan
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Blondie’s Reward (1948) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan

In Blondie’s Reward, Dagwood is demoted to office boy because the Northside property he went out to buy turns out to be on the Southside.

Blondie’s Reward is the 23rd of 28 Blondie films. Dagwood’s boss Mr. Radcliffe sends hims to buy land for the firm. But, Dagwood goofs yet again, and is swindled into buying worthless swamp land. So, this gets him demoted down to office boy. At least he’s not fired this time. When Radcliffe discovers the real value of the swamp land, he rushes to prevent Dagwood from selling the property back to the swindlers. Thankfully, Blondie is ahead of them both!

Confusing introduction

Blondie’s Reward begins with a funny, but confusing scene at Dagwood’s office. Blondie is pretending to be secretary for someone, someone else is imitating Dagwood, etc. Then, the movie begins after the credits starting from the beginning. Dagwood has a day off — and Blondie has a list of chores for him to do. Starting with varnishing the floor. Of course, Dagwood has clownishly varnished himself into a corner. But, he can escape out a window …


But a rookie police officer thinks he’s a criminal. Then he’s rescued by neighbor Ted Scott, after some varnish slapstick. After, Mr. Radcliffe comes by, and needs to have Dagwood act as a “dummy” to buy property for the firm. But Dagwood’s swindled into buying worthless land on South Riverdale Road instead of North! And, he’s demoted to office boy. And has to pay Radcliffe back the $1,000 for the property. A large sum at the time.

Mistaken identity

Chaos ensues the following morning, as Dagwood dashes out the door, knocking over the mailman and the new police officer. And, he‘s forgotten to pick up some important plans on the way to the office. So, neighbor Ted kindly offers to pick them up. There, he rescues the lovely Alice Dickson from her obnoxious fiancée. And he’s now mistaken for Dagwood. Then the important client, Mr. Dickson, wants to see Dagwood …. And Mr. Dickson wants him to demonstrate the punch “he” used on his obnoxious future son-in-law! A funny comedy boxing scene, that ends with Dagwood knocking out Mr. Dickson! And Mr. Dickson’s impressed! And the Radcliffe company gets the contract!

But Alice has a crush on “Mr. Bumstead”. And the mistaken identity situation comedy starts to gain steam. Dagwood has to pretend to be single since Alice has a crush on “him”. So, Blondie pretends to be Dagwood’s secretary. Which leads to the initial scene, as Alice Dickson arrives, as does Ted.

Mr. Radcliffe is jumping to conclusions, and the deal is off. Not only that, the land he needs has already been bought …. By Dagwood! If only he doesn’t sell it back to the two swindlers first! It’s a very funny scene, as Alvin knows that they’re up to no good, and the kids (and Daisy) do all they can to keep them from signing. And the madcap drive to the Bumstead house as well, as Mr. Radcliffe keeps getting punched unintentionally!


  • Penny Singleton (Blondie’s Reward, The Jetsons) … Blondie Bumstead. The level-headed, lovable wife of Dagwood, mother to Alexander and Cookie.
  • Arthur Lake (Blondie Knows Best) … Dagwood Bumstead. Bumbling, lovable husband of Blondie, father to Alexander and Cookie. He drives his poor boss crazy.
  • Larry Simms (Blondie’s Holiday) … Alexander Bumstead. Fairly active at the end of the movie, trying to prevent his Pop from signing the paper.
  • Marjorie Ann Mutchie (Blondie’s Secret) … Cookie Bumstead. But I’m still thirsty!
  • Jerome Cowan (The Comic, Shall We Dance, Miracle on 34th Street) … George M. Radcliffe. Dagwood’s boss, who wants Dagwood to act as a “dummy” to buy property for the firm, so they don’t raise the price for Radcliffe. Which leads to predictable trouble.
  • Gay NelsonAlice Dickson. The lovely young daughter of the important client. She mistakenly thinks that Ted Scott is Bumstead.
  • Ross Ford (Project Moonbase, The Red Skelton Hour) … Ted Scott. The handsome, athletic neighbor who’s mistaken for Dagwood.
  • Danny Mummert (It’s a Wonderful Life) … Alvin Fuddle. The next door neighbor, and secret hero of the film.
  • Paul Harvey (Spellbound, Calamity Jane) … John D. Dickson. The rich, important client. Who likes boxing!
  • Jack RiceOllie Merton. Dagwood’s co-worker. He and Dagwood have a very funny feud.
  • Frank Sully (A Girl A Guy and a Gob, The Grapes of Wrath) … Officer Carney. The poor rookie officer assigned the Bumstead beat
  • Myron Healey (The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Unearthly) … Cluett Day. The obnoxious fiancee of Alice.

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