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The Manhunt

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Captain Barker, Barney Fife, Sheriff Andy Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show - The Manhunt
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The ManhuntThe Andy Griffith Show season 1, Original airdate: October 10, 1960

The state police notify Barney about an escaped prisoner heading toward Mayberry. They plan to use the courthouse as their headquarters for the big manhunt. Captain Barker and his men arrive, and make their plans. Which don’t include Andy or Barney, and leave to set up their roadblocks.

Sheriff Andy Taylor : You’re guarding all the main roads.
Captain Barker : [coldly] Something wrong with that?
Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, no, not if you expecting that criminal to come through here on the bus, but you got to give some thought to the idea that he might get sneaky about that thing, come down one of the side roads.

Buy from Amazon Not willing to be left out, the two spring into action. Soon, Barney is caught off guard by the criminal, who takes his gun and ties him up.

Deputy Barney Fife : He got the drop on me.
Sheriff Andy Taylor : You mean he had a gun?
Deputy Barney Fife : Ugh… well… he has NOW.

Barney's all tied up - The Andy Griffith Show, The Manhunt

Stung by Barker’s words after reporting the turn of events, Andy comes up with a plan to capture the escapee, earn the respect of the state police, and regain the townsfolk’s confidence.

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  • This is the first episode of many in which Deputy Fife accidentally discharges his duty revolver, causing Andy to confiscate Barney’s bullets.
  • First appearance of actor Hal Smith as Otis the town drunk.

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