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The Inspector - The Andy Griffith Show season 1
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The InspectorThe Andy Griffith Show season 1

With the state inspector coming, Barney rushes out to get a prisoner and returns with Otis, who’s drunk. Ralph Case arrives, doesn’t like what he sees and starts writing down violations. Andy, who was out, comes in with a birthday cake for Otis and Case questions his methods. He leaves ready to recommend impeachment.

Ralph Case: Sheriff Taylor, this is the worst excuse for a jail I’ve ever seen. I’d hate to think what would happen if something serious came up here. It would be chaotic, disastrous!
Andy Taylor: Well, there ain’t no use thinkin’ gloomy thoughts. Golly, look on the bright side.
Ralph Case: Well, we’ll see if there IS a bright side. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna call my chief at the state capital and have him come down here and see THIS for himself.
Andy Taylor: Well, what for?
Ralph Case: To see whether or not I’m right in recommending that impeachment proceedings be started against you and your force. A sheriff’s office should be run by the sheriff and his deputy, not the Katzenjammer Kids.

Case returns and goes with the lawmen to arrest a moonshiner. The man has locked himself in his house and is shooting at people. Brady, Case’s boss, arrives just as Andy is arresting the man and is impressed by his courage.

Andy Taylor: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Luke, actin’ like a young’un. Bad enough you was shootin’ at Barney and me, but takin’ pot shots at a total stranger? You know better’n that. What’s the matter with you?

Case starts to list the violations he saw earlier at the courthouse, without much success, and drops the matter. The sheriff’s department gets a clean bill of health. Original airdate: April 10, 1961

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  • Jack Prince appears in this episode as Luke Rainier. Earlier in the series he appeared as moonshiner Ben Sewell. But he would become best known as Rafe Hollister.
  • This is not the last time Andy will bear down on actor Jack Prince who’s firing a rifle at him. The same scenario repeats in “The County Nurse” and “Alcohol and Old Lace.”

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