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Hot Lead and Cold Feet

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Walt Disney Pictures Preseents Hot Lead & Cold Feet - The West Gets Wilder, lock, stock and gun barrel - Jim Dale, Karen Valentine, Don Knotts, Jack Elam, Darren McGavin
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Despite the heavy use of Don Knotts in the promotional materials, he actually has a fairly minor role. Hot Lead and Cold Feet deals with the crazy founder of an Old West town. He’s arranged a contest between his two sons after faking his death (all three roles are played by Jim Dale) to see who will inherit the old man’s fortune.

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A two-gun terror and his terrified twin brother (both played by Jim Dale) turn an old cowtown upside down. A blazing, rip-roaring, riotous saga of brotherly competition in a winner-take-all battle for an inheritance. Tony award winner Jim Dale stars in a triple-header of a role, pulling all the stops out as he plays three different people: Old Jasper Bloodshy and his two sons. Veteran comedic actors Don Knotts and Jack Elam show up for their own turns in this great Walt Disney family film.

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